Sake Talk Anyone?


Yes the Shiboritate is the cloudier one on the left. The sakes were chilled around what you’d find for white wines ~ 50 degrees if I were to guess. I enjoyed drinking sake out of a wine glass, I need to do this more often, it definitely does a nice job channeling the aromas.

Didn’t try the food, they were quite overwhelmed yesterday keeping up with drink orders. Should have brought my own shiokara… Sunrise market is opening a new food multi themed concept in the area this spring, will be a great stopover to pick up some sake eats.

It will be very interesting to see how and where American brewers take sake, especially given how well wine and beers have evolved on our shores.


Hi @Sgee

I was thinking this as I read your and @beefnoguy’s conversation.

Interesting observations. Thanks for sharing.


I think about exposure when it comes to a lot of things I eat and drink. But can I ask, what is “above waterline” and “below waterline”? Is it the same as on deck or below deck? Anyone?


Anyone here. :wink:

On deck = containers are stacked on deck. Containers on the perimeter (sides/top) are exposed to sun. Temps inside exposed containers can get upwards of 150f during daylight hours.

Below deck: boxes are stowed below deck, no exposure to sun. Cargo temps will be close to ambient air temperature, around 80f during Panama passage.

Below waterline: below deck, below the waterline. Idea being cargo temps will stay around the temp of the surrounding water.

If the integrity of your cargo is predicated on below waterline stowage, you’d better ship in a reefer. No steamshipline will guarantee below waterline or even below deck stow. They can only note your request, and “do their best”.


Wow. Thanks!


My first entry in what is revealing itself to be a long and interesting journey - Sake!

Fukucho “Moon on the Water” Junmai Ginjo

The master brewer is a lady! This is slightly citrusy, with a touch of vanilla or clove(?). It is dry and light but with a minerality and light sweetness that keeps it lively. I forgot to take a picture of it in the glass, but the color is almost like the skin of a pear.

@beefnoguy says Aburiya Raku once offered it, but no longer. $36.99 at K&L Wines in Hollywood.


I seem to have a better palate for sake than wine. With wine I know what tastes good to me - cherry, peppery, chocolatey reds or light, tropical fruit tasting sauvignon blancs. Beyond that I’m like Jack in Sideways, and never get what others are describing. When I drink sake then read the tasting notes they almost always match my flavor experience. In the words of Martha Stewart “That is a good thing”. :blush:


Excellent first sake review! Please keep it up :slight_smile:

Later this year, maybe in a few more months, Vine Connections should be releasing the Fukucho Suigetsu (Moon On The Water) limited unpasteurized version (nama) of this sake for 2018. I doubt K&L will get it, but you can always ask or see if you can special order it. It’s worth trying once, as it is quite different and unusual than this regular version. Hopefully you tried pairing this bottle a variety of food like you would with a White Burgundy Chablis and it would certainly work with izakaya fare and sushi, and perhaps some French or Italian style fish dishes.


Thanks @beefnoguy!

Excited. I don’t know if K&L will do special orders. But I have a feeling we will do a lot of mail-order once we’ve exhausted their offerings.

We have tried other recs of yours (will report soon). No food pairing yet. I haven’t been cooking, but will remedy that as soon as our new fridge arrives. Long story, but we have a mini-fridge and an ice chest right now. :smile:



Actually, we did have “Moon on the Water” with some take-home Tagliolini Al Limone (pasta w/lemon cream sauce) from Angelini Osteria. It went very well.