San Sebastián Seafood Recs


Gracias! I actually just heard back within the last few days and secured reservations at Akelarre and Etxebarra. I’m quite excited to say the least!


J_L these pics are driving me wild. Gonna be in San Sebastian in a little more than a month, hopefully I can eat as well as you did. Any Bilbao recs by chance? I’m spending a few nights there…




Already booked!


Thread is tremendous help. Thanks all.

Can anyone recommend some restaurants that aren’t modernist mich star contenders or pintxos bars? Need to find some of those.


La Viña (restaurant is in back of the pinxtos bar)
La Cepa


Ibai (weekday lunch only; tough rezzie but so well worth it)
Elkano (everyone’s ordering the turbot)


Guess who’s staying in the building next to Elkano for 3 days. Guess who’s closed for most of April?

Though not really an issue, tons of Asadors here. Iribar was life changing last night and May Flower today was very good


Not worried. In San Sebastian, you will still scads better than any of us in L.A.


Kaia Kaipe is “almost” as good, if they’re open, and there are some insane deals on the wine list.


Already have had 9 days of ridiculous food between Bilbao, Asturias and Cantabria


Thanks. A bit hesitant to go to high end places with our kid. Iribar was really good, think we are about to go back to have the Turbot. Lamb and various seafood dishes yesterday was unforgettable


Kaia Kaipe has a much more casual feel than Elkano. Also, Spaniards eat at like 10pm, so if you sit down anytime before about 9 you’ll likely have the place to yourself. Not to mention that Europeans are much more tolerant of kids so as long as they’re a no screaming, throwing food, or jumping on chairs you’ll be just fine!


Agree with above statement. When in Spain.

But it’s a whole other ballpark across the Pyrenees in France.


Not around here, not in this season. Everything is either closed or empty. Nobody is eating late. We have been closing places down by 10:30

Kaia is also on vacation. We’ve been to Europe a lot with kid so we know the drill it’s just not as fun to go to very high end while having to parent.

Iribar is insane