Sawtelle 2018


It is kinda fun to walk around and window shop, check out Giant Robot and that hipster clothing spot next to Tsujita annex. Went on a Tuesday eve recently and there were so many people on the street it reminded me of Westwood back in the day.


Walked by the old Korean Super location on Sawtelle and it looks like the 26 Beach peeps are about to open a burger joint in that space.


Black Sheep Burger looks like it’s open. At least the door was open today. Here’s a pic of the menu.


I haven’t seen anything written about Big Boi, the Filipino restaurant offering run by the people of B Sweet dessert shop. I haven’t had much Filipino food and never anything memorable, but this place really serves up good stuff. Wife and I really enjoyed the Pork Sisig, Lumpia and Pancit Noodles, especially the Sisig. They also offer a discount at B Sweet. After lunch we walked over to B Sweet and enjoyed the Ube Ice Cream folded into a nice sweet bread.

On Sundays, tho, they don’t serve their Filipino menu, but offer a traditional American brunch.


Takuma is a damn unicorn for being a delicious but also reasonably cheap sit down restaurant in Santa Monica. If only the wife liked bonito more…


I was a big fan of Takuma but my last few visits were really disappointing.
Wondering if anyone else has noted recent slippage…


We did about a yr ago, but I think things are better when Taku is in the back (and we’ve enjoyed our last few visits). We don’t go very often, though, so hard for me to say what it’s like normally…


Tried Black Sheep and was pretty damn impressed. Got the namesake Black Sheep burger with cheddar. Patty was super juicy with a nice crust. Bun was nicely toasted though I prefer brioche. Staff is super friendly and really seems to care. I will be back.

PS: Hope you don’t mind @chowumla but I dapped your blog up to them :slightly_smiling_face:


Much appreciated! Happy to hear that it’s worth the trip. May try to squeeze in a visit to Black Sheep along with a stop at Giant Robot for their Post-It Show this weekend.