Sawtelle opening?


Benitora’s been closed for awhile, but the curtains are now closed, and there’s some “work material” (buckets and drop clothes and such) outside. Internet search didn’t reveal anything. Any intel about a new eatery opening there???


Yu Bo is that you, bro?


Don’t tase (oops I meant tease) me, bro.


Yu mad, bro?


NoMad, bro.


Ya try to ask a serious question, and ya get in in return is… ::sigh:: :wink:


From what I’ve been told it’ll be a pretty intimate affair (think N/Naka). What I garner from that is that it won’t need to be a prime location like Sawtelle with super high rents. But then again, nothing confirmed at this point.


Walked by the location this AM. Construction is obviously ongoing onsite. The paperwork posted doesn’t reveal much, listing a shell LLC as operators.

Non sequitur: Mizu212 next door is closed until further notice - the handwritten signage indicates some sort of last second emergency.