Scenes from hong kong, december 2018


almost done with my hong kong reports. i ate dinner at chilli club on my second night. taken there by my friend who insisted i should eat at one of their favourite thai restaurants. large menu, solid food but nothing out of the ordinary. relative proximity to thailand obviously doesn’t mean so very much–perhaps on account of the cantonese preference for mildness? at any rate, for just that reason it’s a good change-up and if, like my (also indian) friends, i lived in hong kong i’d doubtless want to go out for hotter food from time to time. indeed, if my five week stay in a few years comes to pass i’ll probably be back here.


in which i wrap up my hong kong food reports with a brief account of dim sum at the hong kong station branch of tim ho wan before hopping on the airport express train. i was fully expecting to enjoy it but find the reputation overblown but goddammit, it was excellent. a small menu but everything was better than the best versions i’ve had in the sgv. and those buns are really goddamned good! maybe next time i’ll actually try the mongkok original.


It’s ridiculous how good it can be, right?!


Interesting, I’ll have to check it out…

I had written it off after reading mixed reports about their HK branches, dined at NYC’s mediocre branch and generally mediocre reports in their ex-HK Asia branches.


i’d not heard negative things about it but i’d gone down the regrettable path of assuming–for no good reason–that it had been over-hyped for extra-culinary reasons. i was wrong.