Secretasianman's Vareniki recipe


secretasianman, where do you go for verenkykis? I like farmer cheese/potato mix fried or boiled with only butter.

Best pierogis in LA?

i gave up looking and started making them from scratch. the secret is a little sour cream in the dough. filling is steamed (not boiled, the consistency is different) potato sometimes with cheese if i have it on hand.

as for sauteing, my god, potatoes love butter. sometimes i cheat by going 50/50 with olive oil. but if you can, trying cooking them in goose or duck fat. OMG, you don’t need sour cream with those.


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Can you indicate your recipe or its source here or on the home cooking area of FTC? thank you.


it’s not brain surgery but it does take a little bit of experience to get the right texture by feel, the temptation is to overwork the dough. don’t, or dough will be gluten-y,

4 parts flour
1 part hot water
1 part sour cream

sift together flour & salt. add hot water in a thin stream and mix. break down lumps but don’t overwork
let sit for 5-10 minutes.
add sour cream and again crumble down lumps but not overwork. i may add a little cold water depending on the feel of the dough. let sit 15 minutes.
add a touch of oil and knead about 5 minutes no more than 10. dough should still be slightly sticky.

lightly flour your kneading surface and knead down to about 1/8" (the top side will remain sticky making it easy to fold them together. use a cup or jar to cut your circles.

fiilling is steamed then mashed potato. about 4 parts potato to 1 part farmer cheese. fold/pleat.

boiling is traditional but i like cooking them like potstickers, especially if they’ve been frozen. (freeze on a pan until they’re cold, then bag them or they’ll stick together.) i can’t tell how long they’ll last frozen because i invariably eat them all within a week.

if this is too much work - or if your dough just doesn’t seem right after 15-20 tries. get the round potsticker wrappers from ranch 99 and wet the edge and they’ll hold together using the same filling.

or you can try michael symon’s version: