Seeking carb-centric Asian recs Koreatown and west


My SO is on a constant low-carb diet, where he treats pasta, other noodles, bread and dumplings as demonic substances that will do horrible things to his body and soul. He will occasionally indulge me, and Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions. We usually have two celebrations - one somewhat upscale (we’re going to Animal for the first time the weekend after next), and one more casual, where he lets me choose a place where I can get my carb fix.

For this weekend, I’m trying to find a place in Koreatown, or all points west, that meets the following criteria:
–has really good noodles or dumplings;
–does not require you wait more than 10 minutes to get seated - my SO will indulge me, but not if he has to wait for a long time; and
–is open between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm (it’s a long story, but that’s when we tend to eat on the weekend)

The foregoing criteria seem to rule out some of the best ramen or dumpling restaurants (like Din Tai Fung), but I’ve seen some posts about good Korean dumpling or noodle houses. Of course, if there are other places that serve really good Asian dumplings or noodles that don’t have really long waits, we’d be interested as well.

as always, thanks in advance!



For Korean dumplings I like Dumpling House on 3rd x Vermont. Particularly the kimchi dumplings because it’s different from what I grew up with.

I might get some heat for this. I love Korean food, Korean peeps (Cerritos/Artesia kid here), eating in Koreatown, Korean girls, etc but damn the dumpling filling are always bland to me. I have a maternal Grandma from Northern China so I was always spoiled on the dumplings/noodles end. SGV imo would be a better option for dumplings,but I like those kimchi dumplings at Dumpling House.

We had a recent Kalgooksu thread here in FTC that is worth looking into. Try Hangari, Olympic Noodle, and Ma Dang.

Yu Chun does cold noodles with a side of hot beef broth.

Myung Dong Kyoja also has kalgooksu but also cold chlorella noodles.

Korean style black bean noodles. Lots of choices here from older Korean-Chinese places like Young King to other more modern places like Paik Noodles/Hong Kong something. Also these places have spicy seafood noodle soup. Some but not all offer half black bean and half seafood


Myung in Dumplings

Dumpling House



It’s meant to be a palette so that you add flavor/spice/etc. to customize your liking. Same with the porridge and chicken soups in some K-town joints (such as Mountain). It’s just not going to arrive at the table as is with any strong flavors. This is how it’s unlike the Chinese gastronomic tradition.


Previous posters have pointed you to places in ktown that are all solid. I would also second hangari for delicious kalgooksoo hand cut noodles. They do serve dumplings there that are handmade too, which are very tasty.

Also, some recommendations further west as requested.

Sawtelle has many ramen shops that might fit the bill. At 3pm you might be able to get into original tsujita or tsujita annex without much wait. Otherwise there is always menya mushashi that does a great bowl of ramen. The tsujita on fairfax is mainly to go but you can get good dip and soup ramen there without the wait or the atmosphere.

capital on cienega does very solid dim sum that might also be something to consider. You’ll have an assortment of dumplings and carb style items to choose from. I think their dim sum service ends at 3 so it might be tight

Pine and crane in silver lake (its slightly north of ktown) might also fit the bill they have really good noodles in their zhanjiang mien and nrm plus they also make very good dumplings. Might be busy but again at 3pm I think you’ll have a great chance of getting in without waiting.

Non-Asian pasta sisters in culver cranks a bunch of different types of handmade noodles that are amazing.


Uovo in Santa Monica might fit the bill. Wait time shouldn’t be in an issue for your time window, and there’s (obviously) lots of carbs to be had. It’s mainly counter seating, though, and not a place at which you linger. I’m actually vaguely considering a trip on Valentine’s Day b/c I assume the lack of reservations and romantic seating will be a total turn off for most.

Your SO can also partially satisfy himself w/ the 2 veggie sides they offer (which are pretty tasty).


Hand torn noodle soup (ask them to add dumplings).
This one:


A hard NO on Pine & Crane.


one exception might be hainan chicken rice - everyone seems to have their own unique balance of soy/chili/ginger they add to it. though one could make the argument it’s not fully chinese.


Not a fan? I always thought they were pretty good for a west of downtown spot.


i’ll assume that’s ma dang gook soo in which case yeah. and from 3-5 you shouldn’t a problem getting seated.

it’s a one trick pony, but there’s a place that does nothing but chicken stew and they serve it over chap-chae style noodles. it’s awfully good. but i forget the name.


Bongchu I believe


I thought you were a fan of P and C?
Something change?
I mostly bother them by just buying their greens, but the last few times they looked at me like I was an alien and they only had cabbage on offer.


Maybe the location of P&C (Silver Lake) is not within the OP’s requested areas (Ktown and west)…


Pine and crane is awesome especially considering the location (ie. Not in SGV). But if I’m looking for a meal to load up on carbs, it wouldn’t be my first choice.


The key is “were a fan” … they’re just not as good anymore.


Had it for dinner last night. Still really good.

Mapo tofu, three cup chicken and pea shoots. Delicious.


Gotcha. That’s why I asked :slight_smile:
I haven’t been able to get to Pine and Crane in awhile so I’m glad to know I should avoid now.
Sad though.


Unfortunately, sister ship Joy (Highland Park) has taken a dip also…