September 2017 Weekend Rundown




Certain Ikea locations still hold the traditional crayfish bake, and some still do the Christmas smorgasbord.


Fun weekend catching up with friends, hit all casual places where lounging comfortably for a long time in shorts and a tshirt was perfectly acceptable. That was the main criteria with this ridiculous heat wave.

Happa for Hawaiian comfort food served by sweet mama and grandma type waitresses who fuss over you.

Carney’s for the red hot chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries, eating just like a teenager

Baco Shop for the fried chicken baco and the cheddar hash browns. They now serve soft serve. Will have to go back for it. The sample taste I had was good.

Labor day bbq at a friend’s place and they got Turkey Sausages from Mama’s Chicken and Market. I was excited about this since I had been meaning to go there to try their sausages. To accompany the tasty sausages, an amazing spread of side dishes, desserts and condiments brought by everyone. Just a great way to end a holiday weekend to be surrounded by great food and friends.

Holiday weekend calories don’t count right? :wink::sushing_face:


FWIW, Rite Aide had a sale that might still be going on. Buy one get one free on the half gallon’s of Thrifty’s ice cream. $4.50 a half gallon. It’s strictly nostalgia ice cream for me. But at that price, might be worth picking up and surprising dad.


I remember being a little kid and asking for a taste of pistachio ice cream, because it sounded exotic. It is still my favorite flavor.


Quan Vy Da, Brookhurst and Bolsa.

The Com Ga/Chicken Rice.

Broken Rice flavored with chicken and ginger with fried garlic. Chicken is with herbs and onions. Add in some sweet fish sauce and mix everything together. Comes with chicken broth.


Hi @Bookwich,

Have you tried Bulgarini’s famous Pistachio Gelato yet? If not, and you love Pistachio so much, it’s worth a try. Pretty amazing. :slight_smile:


Sad day today - price bump @ Kogi for their short rib tacos :frowning:

$2.50 -> $3 each

Combo $9 -> $10


You Mofo.

Was it you that broke it?


My. Fat. Butt.


Went to Crystal Cove Shake Shack after Laguna Beach tidepools. Now bought by Ruby’s! Had the Date Shake. The bottom half was delicious and datey, top half was meh.


North Italia… a crazy afternoon trying to have a “last” hurrah with friends returning to Paris after a year in Santa Monica (one had fellowship at UCLA-great gig) . We fit in a late lunch between last minute vacating their apartment and delivering them at LAX with a boatload of stuff, including their adorable cat. Started with wine (two Nebbiolo’s, a Sanford Chardonnay, a Long Meadow Ranch Cab), then a seasonal vegetable salad, the special aubergine pizza, burrata tortellini (excellent) and a tuscan kale salad with a sprinkle of crispy bits of pancetta, pistachio, and parmesan (THIS salad cemented my new-found appreciation for kale)…a perfect celebration on the patio, good service…and would go back to just sit and sip wine at the bar and try the cauliflower.


Dinner at Izakaya Sasaya on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA tonight. Enjoyable meal overall, but their agedashi tofu was a miss.

Agedashi tofu (skip)

Pork kakuni: pork belly with soft boiled egg (sweet and rich, a favorite so we ordered 2 for our table of 5)

Salmon carpaccio (enjoyed by 4 out of 5 in our group)

Vegetable okonomiyaki

Also ordered, with no photos, okra and tsukune skewers, eggplant miso (a favorite of mine), mixed pickles, mackerel, crunchy roll, and duck udon. Dinner for 5 including one scotch and one green tea came out to under $120 before tip, which seemed reasonable for the quality and quantity of food we ordered. A nice neighborhood joint, though not destination worthy. A mellow izakaya vibe…aside from the vacuous pop/top 40 music sounding over the restaurant’s speakers.


Dinner tonight at a surprisingly good neighborhood Italian joint in Studio City/NoHo called Angelino Pizzeria with my family - they found it a couple weeks ago.

Minestrone - only got a bite, but considerably more complex and tasty than the usual one-note tomato flavor.

Pizza (Roma) - surprise highlight of the night - bright, fresh tomato sauce, good cheese, and really fresh, aromatic basil. Extremely thin crust, soft in the center, crunchy edges. Excellent!

Gnocchi (Pesto) - pesto itself was pretty average. Gnocchi were good - not amazing, but very respectable given expectations.

Cioppino - unfortunate miss. According to my family it was much better last time - so it might be good, but some consistency issues?

Dessert: Torta della Nonna - never had this before, but I thought it was pretty great. Fantastic contrast between the cool custard and warm pastry (and whatever was on top). It managed to avoid the usual trap with similar desserts being cloyingly sweet.

I’ll be coming back for the pizza for sure. No real reservations about experimenting with the rest of the pasta menu either - apparently their Cappelini Alla Checca is also supposed to be very good.


Big fan of their chicken Marsala


I’ll make sure to try that next time :slight_smile:


– Uovo - lunch
–Morinoya dinner - fantastic. Flounder shashimi, daikon salad, grilled medium sized, silver skin fish (cannot recall name), It is so funny/sad to drive down Sawtelle and see the mobs waiting to eat greasy fucking ramen and Morinoya is right there waiting

– Alex’s Lemonade stand- lunch
–Yazawa - dinner - ethereal meat


Funny Yelpsters.


Hit Al-noor with a buddy on Saturday under recommendation for good Indian
-chicken Tika masala
-chicken paneer
-vegetable curry (forget the name, but it was a vegetable mix)
-lamb curry

Overall it was decent, ordered medium spicy (in retrospect wish I had done hot)… still felt pretty Americanized to be honest flavor wise, the restaurant was also mostly filled with white families with small children. It was also somewhat expensive, don’t think I’ll make the trip again. Still looking for that deep spice authentic


Is that you or your buddy? Asking for a friend.