Shin Sushi (Encino): A Pictorial Essay


Recent dinner, good QPR.

@TheCookie sushi badge if you can figure out pics for kasugo, kurodai, isaki.


Aged amaebi with a schmear of sweet miso on the rice - Highlight, sweet miso complements the more intense aged amaebi flavor, never had this before, excellent.

Albacore from Oregon

Ikura from wild Canadian salmon - highlight, so crisp and bright flavors. pop-a-licious @J_L yup nama-ikura

Engawa - highlight, agree w @PorkyBelly excellent


Chu-toro - Boston



Specials menu

Aoyagi Kobashira

Salmon cured in dashi - Highlight, dashi adds a smoky flavor and alters the texture resulting in smoked salmon like qualities

Katsuo - I like generous portions of myoga

Yukimasu (Snow trout) - Highlight, lovingly raised in the alpine waters of Nagano. No coloring additives in feed hence the natural white color.


Kasutera Tamago

Tofu dessert


Agreed on QPR. 75% of Mori while being about 45% cheaper. :sunglasses:


whoa, gotta go back for that shinko and orange cram.



“orange cram”



I’ll totally be guessing, but will try. :wink:


Have you had a chance to try out Shiki yet? You get 100% of Mori but at about 500% more


I haven’t and given the downward quality to price ratio, I might not ever visit. o.O


Can I get the American names? :hugs: I promise not to look them up.


I’ll continue to do my part to save the kelp forests from those godless stinging machines one uni at a time. #pricks #makingamericasafeagain


Baby sea bream, black snapper, grunt fish


Okay, just so you know, this will still be difficult, just not impossible.


Okay… I’m assuming we’re talking about these three. I think I have the English names right, but I’m confused about the Japanese names and am going with the order in which @sgee wrote them. :crossed_fingers:

Kasugo (black snapper)
I’ve had snapper.

Kurodai (grunt fish)
This is the only one that doesn’t look familiar, so I used deduction.

Isaki (baby sea bream)
I had adult sea bream at Shiki and this looks similar.

BTW, I probably should have written English not “American names” (:wink: @J_L). Although I could be wrong and some names of fish in the U.K. & Canada are different than the U.S…:thinking:

P.S. Great reports J_L & @Sgee. Agree on the QPR. Definitely hitting this place up when in Encino.

P.S.S. Congratulations on your engagement @moonboy403. Good job. Looks like it turned out perfect. And those are nice photos you took of @ipsedixit’s family.


Why not?! It’s one of your homework assignments in Sushi 101 ! (And by 101, I don’t mean the freeway that takes you to Shin Sushi LOL)

Try the Ultimate Sushi Glossary, for starters…

And DO try to memorize at least the common neta types, if you wish to be adept at parlance with fellow sushi-philes (and even more importantly, with your itamae!). Using the right terms is also part of perfecting the etiquette.


need to this this sushiya asap




Blue People :wink:


i could be wrong–often am–but am pretty sure that isaki is grunt and kurodai is sea bream.


Okay, but come on professor! Those weren’t common names, for me anyway. It’s why @Sgee chose them… I think. :relaxed:

There seems to always be more than one name for any particular Neta - depending on preparation, color, age, region, etc. Baby Sea Bream is a good example - I know Tai (adult?) not Kasugo! Once I get one name down I discover it also has another name.

I did know some stuff on this report: Aji, Amaebi, Toro, Ikura, Hokkaido, Uni

I’ll save the Ultimate Sushi Glossary, but I’m pretty well equipped. I just wanted to try and guess. I was definitely itching to crack this open.

…which I’m going to do now.


I don’t know why I “liked” this, as I have no idea what it means. :upside_down_face: