Shinmai - Oakland


Went on impulse since I was drinking at the Punchdown and this sounded good.

Given the prices, I didn’t expect such large pours of sake. All were good, the “Hawk in the Heavens” was my favorite.

amuse of I presume house-made potato chips with I guess house-made furikake

hamachi, saffron, peach, seaweed, jalapeno oil, toasted rice ($15), nice, great mix of textures, flavors didn’t entirely make sense together for me

ocean trout, piquillo, arima sansho, red shiso, lime, sumac ($15), good, the spicy sauce made the dish

fried potato salad, black tobiko, truffle aioli, furikake ($9): this was great, I’d order this again any time, I don’t recall having had black tobiko before

ebi okura (shrimp & okra), brown butter ponzu, onion petal, paprika oil ($12): another winner, I’d never have thought of shrimp and okra together

bacon, red curry, roasted apple, fish caramel, shizo ($11): Anotherr great dish. I asked if they had hot sauce and the server brought me what I think was sort of an Indian-inspired apricot pickle.

Some minor glitches as one would expect from a place that’s been open less than a month but nothing that interfered with my enjoying my meal.