Shocking QPR: Pizza Romana


Drove by tonight, looks like the place has closed for good. Too bad, I was a fan but never any foot traffic whenever I went.


Oh noooo. Kid will be gutted .


yeah, I drove by there twice a week around 6pm for 2 years and rarely saw anyone in there…no parking on LaBrea 4-7pm…they made a very good pizza


still didn’t see much of a difference from Neapolitan style pizza…when I hear Roman style, to me and many others, it means al taglio style like Il romanista and Triple Beam


aside from al taglio, in Rome youll find very thin and crispy crusted pizza as the round pizza romana tonda. this pizzeria romana had a different version which wasn’t as crisp.

i’ve also had awesome and long Roman Pizza Alla Pala


yeah, Ive never seen pizza that thin…but I still didn’t really see any difference between Pizza Romana and Neapolitan style pizza…


it was a hybrid definitely leaning toward napoli. they were Romana mostly just in name


thats what I thought


and i think it was managed by people from genoa area


sorry to hear that they’re closing, but not surprised. PR was more or less a hobby for the owner as most of his time and energy is spent on the Divine Pasta wholesale business.


… the Romans predicted the title of this thread centuries ago on their manhole covers (albeit a bit dyslexically):


In my experience the Roman style differs from Neapolitan most when comparing the outer edge crust thickness (Neapolitans are generally puffier and thicker, and Romans are thinner)…

Ah crap. I mis-read that - You meant the store called Romana!


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