Sichuan Impression—Westwood


If you put your name on the yelp page waiting list it gives you a time to show up that is pretty close to sit time on a weekday at least.
I heard it is not as accurate on a weekend night.__
I would guess Tuesday is not that big a deal.


Shouldn’t be too bad on a Tuesday night. There was no wait for a table around 7pm last Monday.

Had another amazing meal yesterday for lunch. Fried chili chicken and Kung Pao chicken were as good as before. Also tried their toothpick mutton for the first time and loved it too.


WTF??? I had no idea such a thing existed… This may be a game changer for me…


Thanks, you two. Ended up not needing the Yelp Waitlist function. There was no wait at any point in the evening. It wasn’t empty, but it never got terribly busy either.

I’m not a great reporter, plus reports on Sichuan Impression abound, so I won’t say much here except the food was very good.


Au contraire, mon frère… You just gave us some great “boots on the ground” intel on the Tuesday wait time at this establishment!


They now deliver! Just posted on Instagram! Postmates, Cavier and Doordash. Happy, happy new for those of us on the westside! Bestside :wink: