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I’d read them if you posted it.


As much as I otherwise disliked my experience at Petit Trois, theirs was the best bread and butter I’ve ever had.


Having eaten the bread and butter at Simone and at Petit Trois within the same week, I really liked the Simone bread and butter more. I’m surprised that @Clayfu thought the Simone butter was just average, as I really loved it. Maybe it was the pairing that the Simone sommelier suggested – Cuvee Marie Jurancon Sec. Nothing like a good wine and butter pairing! Seriously, I think the acidity of the Cuvee Marie Jurancon Sec cut through the richness of the butter.

If anyone goes to Simone, I highly recommend the Cuvee Marie Jurancon Sec which the somm said was his favorite white by the glass on the menu. Nice also because you can have a glass of white and then move on to a bottle of red.


i ate at manresa during her tenure, i don’t remember many details but i thought it was hit or miss. I remember loving the arpege egg but didn’t care for the much lauded “into the vegetable garden” dish. It tasted like what the lamb in my main entree should be eating.

given all that, i’d still like to try simone’s chef’s table.


Chef Kinch’s rendition of Le Gargouillou by Michel Bras, with a “dirt” of burnt chicories. It, like the “(insert season) Tidal Pool” at Manresa in my opinion, has gotten a bit more reductive and less harmonious with each visit. It’s more of an austere palette cleanser now. Last time, it was simply announced as “…Green and Bitter…” and it tasted as such.

I think even locally to RTB/Avery’s “North Coast” which was a tastier and more interesting expression of Northern California “terroir” so to speak (lamb - aged sashimi and its barbecued fat - oysters, ice plant, mermaid’s hair seaweed, artichoke/cardoon and lamb jus).

One challenge in presenting a tasting menu is maintaining a consistency of delicious dishes (or at least dishes that fit well into the context of a progressive meal). Again, the pedigree / training is there, and it’ll be interesting to see how Simone develops over the next couple of months.



You really had something good going there until you called your posters nitwits.


I stand by my very narrowly tailored criticism.