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I had high hopes for this place after the perfect four star review from Bauer, but unfortunately had a mixed experience. The presentation was outstanding and I really liked the little snacks before dinner, the salmon and the beef, but the other dishes were overwrought and had too much going on, the akabana kanpachi and foie gras were the worst offenders. Needed a pizza after dinner.

rooftop snacks

roof toto

table snacks

Akabana Kanpachi - santa rosa plum, amazake, ice plant, shiso and sweet potato vinegar

summer squash from the farm - scallop stuffed blossoms and courgette cream

ora king salmon “ibushi-gin” - shio koji vinaigrette, char roe, and myoga

poached foie gras - tea of last year’s tomatoes, tokyo turnips, and their greens

black cod and shimeji “fukkura-san” - leeks, vegetables from our farm, broth of young lettuces, and gyokuro tea

pacific rouge beef - noyeaux cream, komatsuna, bing cherries, morel mushroom, black truffle, and almond

sonoma grains - nettles, kasu-zuke, farro verge beignet, rib cap, and herbs from the garden

frozen peach - bay laurel grante, and blackberry consomme

pine nut ice cream - lemon basil mousse, raspberry compote, and plum

wagashi - lemon thyme, tomato and strawberry, mint and alpine strawberry

downstairs toto

131 N St
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(707) 723-4646

Sushi Noz - UES

Bauer is particularly at his worst reviewing any cuisine involving Japanese, fusion Japanese / Japanese inspired, and pseudo Japanese.

Agreed, this place is rather underwhelming, and even the sake that were part of beverage pairing did not work that great (mostly a problem with the food not working with the sake).


Thanks for the warning on this place @PorkyBelly. Bummer! :frowning:

I had high hopes and was thinking about going, but you’ve saved me some money.

It’s sad that they can screw up foie gras and kanpachi. And hearing @beefnoguy’s experience also… good to know.


Let me clarify my remarks a bit.

My meal wasn’t terrible or bad at all. Visually everything was great and there were some tasty bites. I did not enjoy the beverage pairing and it did very little for me. Overall it just didn’t wow, which can be rather upsetting at that price point and whatever they are aspiring.


Bauer’s at his worst when an inconsistent (or worse) restaurant manages to snow him through special treatment.


If you could eat all that and then go on to a pizza… there’s something missing in this story. Just sayin’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice write up in the NYT. Very interesting background and experience for the chef/owner


The downstairs toilet appears to have achieved Enlightenment.