Slab BBQ - Fairfax


Damn that is some sad looking bbq, like Lao Gan Ma sad looking, and that is pretty sad looking


Stealing it like Winona…


Have you tried the spares from Max City? Better than Bludso’s for me; unfortunately I was not able to try Maple Block at their peak to compare.

That bbq does look sad - even Barrel & Ashes looks way better. I’m not sure what’s worse - the lean brisket thing or the looks of that chicken.


Can someone photoshop Lao Gan Ma into A5Kobe pics for the lulz?


I haven’t, but I’ll check it out. Any other items noteworthy? I keep forgetting about this place for some reason. Thanks for the reminder.


I think Max City’s core competency is pork. The rest isn’t bad (certainly better looking than some of the pictures above…), just not as good as the pork.

Sides and pie also above average.


When I want BBQ I just go to Sam Woo.


Sorry all of that looks horrible. Rubber chicken . Enough said.


That Does not look like good bbq, let alone Texas Bbq. Not sure why (actually maybe I do) Bakman is Getting so much media attention for being a self admitted amateur bbq enthusiast… he may have made good bbq on his offset his backyard, but he’s not using the same equipment and now has to be confined to the rigors of running business/restaurant. Ray’s on the other hand, seems to be doing phenomenal looking Texas bbq, now with post oak straight from Texas, but of course not a peep from any media.


Agree that these pix don’t look good, but I will say a) Bakman’s brisket at his pop-up was legitimately awesome and b) Ray’s has gotten tons of media coverage and has honestly been hit or miss.


agreed. I tried Ray’s a couple of times and sure there’s nice color, but color doesn’t mean a thing.


Had his brisket multiple times from the pop-ups and it was always good, never looking as bad as the pics above. Hopefully he can work out the kinks with the new setup and the change from the smoker he had been using historically.


Hopefully he does because the corporate backing and pr machine were fully present when I was there. The area is high rent and I am sure profit margins need to be at a certain level.

I’ll give them 2 months and then check out some pictures, if they look good then I’ll try again.


I thought Bludsos La Brea was the same as Bludsos Compton, but the ribs are not the same at all. I was shocked at the difference in flavor.

Trudy’s BBQ looks great.


I love Max City’s BBQ Chix Sandwich.

Plump, moist, deboned, half breast w/crispy skin (that’s a wing lurking in the back), slaw topping served on the side. I add mayo. Make sure to ask for skin on. One time they served me a skinless one, but happily took it away and made me a new one. The server said the cooks love mistakes… they eat them. :yum:

P.S. They don’t over salt their meat.


Argh! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


All this talk about Texas cum L.A. BBQ made us want to check in with Bludso’s La Brea again. Plus, I made Slaw and didn’t have anything to go with it. :slight_smile: So, we Postmated some Q. I have a like hate relationship with Bludso’s and last time the salt was so outrageous that I swore off them for good. But a friend went recently and said the Q was on point. He was right. The salt was dialed down (for bbq anyway) and the cook on the ribs and chicken was good - moist, flavorful, not too lighter fluid-y, good bark, crispy chicken skin. Not bad at all. Sides: beans w/beef are not good (overcooked, grainy sauce) potato salad is meh and the bbq sauce is passable. Feel free to ignore me on this one, because I’m picky about sides and sauce.

P.S. You’re right @A5KOBE. The only thing I had from the Compton Bludso’s, was the rib tips and only once, but they’re on my Best Bites of all-time list. :kissing_heart:


We all know you’re not the only one. :joy:

Thanks for the update on La Brea. The sides are meh, I much prefer getting sides at Gus’s fried chicken. Their collard greens are top notch, reminiscing Flossie’s greens, right @Chowseeker1999 :sob::sob::sob:

And am I the only one who thinks their bbq sauce resembles that of McDonalds?


I was severely disappointed with most of the standard sides at Gus’s - reminded me of store bought straight from Smart & Final. We went about a month or two after they opened. I didn’t try the greens though. Have they put more focus on this part of the menu? Thanks


Flossie’s… RIP. :sob: