Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia & Croatia


Any must do Wineries or Oyster beds? Any food we should absolutely not miss? No food restrictions


Take me with!

I’ve never been myself, but I actually just watched the Chef’s Table (on Netflix) episode about Ana Roš’s restaurant Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia, and it skyrocketed to the top of my dream restaurants. If you haven’t already, you should check out that episode before you go! And here is an article about it:


Thank You! The reason were headed to that part of the planet is the food! So much seafood and I know almost nothing about this regions cuisine. super exiting! I like that show so will definitely watch that before I go.


I think there was a recent trip report for Croatia either here or on


Nabbed a reservation at Hisa franko!


Holy moly. That’s so exciting.

Look forward to the trip report! I’ll definitely be taking notes for a future trip there (hopefully!).


Hola @mmerino!

Hope you’re well. Have you gone on your epic Eastern European crusade yet? If so, would love to hear about any of the food you came across - especially a report on Hisa Franko!!


Ate at Hisa Franko in October, and swooned. Utterly fantastic.

In fact, we much preferred it to Osteria Francescana.

I’ve got pics around here somewhere … I’ll try and post them - and a report - up in the next few days (though admittedly I’m pretty absent-minded and terrible about actually doing it).


Yes please!


Reminder on those pics!


As requested, and promised …

<img src="/uploads/berkeleyfoodie/original/3X/b/a/ba8296c783a045a899290eca94f38b781a68ea64.JPG" width=“125” height="167>


Awesome! Thanks for sharing these. The plates look gorgeous.

Any standouts?? Also, which one is the deer heart tartare?


Venison was the one that looks like a Christmas wreath.

In terms of standout dishes, I have to confess - time and many meals since have dulled my memories of specific ones, but I do remember - and savor - the distinct feelings of joy and delight during, and then pure, blissful satiation at the end of the meal.


That was my guess.

Fair enough. Sounds wonderful. Thanks again for sharing.


You’re welcome! I’m just sorry I couldn’t give a more complete account.

FWIW, again, I cannot more highly recommend it. And if anyone goes, please do stay there as well. Breakfast was smashing as well.

In general, that part of Slovenia is gorgeous, and we really lucked out in the Fall, with beautiful colors, as we crossed the Vrsic Pass down into the Soca Valley.