Slow Cooker and recipes


What do you think about this slow cooker!?
What books do you recomend me to beggind cooking in it?
Thank you!


I think you have to recognize that’s not exactly a slow cooker. It’s an Instant Pot. That’s an entirely different beast altogether.
Here are some references for you in pre-existing threads:
Instant Pot - Tips & Techniques
Cookware - Slow Cooker/Crock Pot


Thank you very much! :smile:


I have a slow cooker and pressure cooker and just can’t (yet) justify an Instant Pot but am interested in any comments.


If you get a slow cooker vs an instant pot–I like “Not your mother’s slow cooker cookbook”


I have an insta pot on my santa (or chanukah charlie) list for it’s lighter weight and speed.

That said? I have had had a crock pot for years and it has been a huge, low cost help.

My fav resource?

She is honest, thoughtful, talented. I have her first cookbook, looked at her second? And liked the first more. And her web resources are FAB.


Thank you for your answers! Hope Ican make my decission!