So, Did You Get Any Kitchen Related Gifts This Year? Loved It, Hated It or Confused By It?


[Edited to add a photo of my Instantpot in use.]

The father of my child gave me an Instantpot. :thinking:


I got a set of measuring cups and an instant read thermometer. Both of which I asked for, so I’m happy about it. I already have almost everything I need, kitchen-wise. It’s hard to come up with new and exciting requests.


My lovely bride got me an Anova sous vide circulator. My first meal was wild-caught salmon fillets with fresh dill, lime slices, and a little compound butter from Surfas. Delicious.


Japanese Moribashi chopsticks. I am in awe of it. It is so precise, it picks up items only 5-6 molecules large. :slight_smile:


@OCSteve Welcome to the sous vide society of cooking geeks.


Curious why you put the thermometer in the photo?


My in-laws gave me a Dansk butter warmer and a Magisso pie server. I love them both.


So pretty! I especially love the cake server, so sleek.


What do you use them for?


I think that’s for a do it yourself sous vide. Where you try to keep the temp constant without a machine, so you need to have a thermometer inside the meat to know when it’s done. Very old-school.


Thanks! The kids got me a cookbook to go with it. One thing I love about the Anova is that they have a phone app that ties into Serious Eats guides on times and temps. Pretty handy. It also allows you to monitor and change time and temp remotely.


Picking up individual grains of sand.

Just kidding (sort of) - I use them for plating “dainty” things out, like uni, parsley, etc. Think of them as exquisitely gentle tweezers.


Wow. At home?

Maybe I should get some. My kid makes fun of my plating attempts. Brat. I remember when a happy face pancake made him happy.


It doesn’t look like you post on Home Cooking. Maybe you will - with photos - in the New Year!