So does anyone else out there make bread even close to Lodge quality?


Stumbled onto a Pandor in the Anaheim Packing House. They were mostly pastries and baguettes, but they had one VERY large Boule-style bread. Unfortunately I’m now off carbs for a few months, and it was 7PM (not likely very fresh), so I resisted the temptation.


Coming to Woodland Hills:


Not sure why the author felt the need to say “of all places” about Woodland Hills. Does the western valley have anything like this? Prob not. And rent there is presumably way cheaper than popular areas of LA, so why not?


Jaffee -

Is this the place you are talking about?


That’s basically it. But they also now have a restaurant location, and the
Yelp reviewers seem to be reviewing both. The restaurant is a pretty good
place for ajarski, lavash sandwiches, etc. Restaurant is the one at Victory
and Fulton; bakery is the one at Victory and Hazeltine.


Jaffe -

Thanks! I think I am most interested in the bread, so I’ll check out the bakery. Maybe bring a friend so we can split loaves and try more!