Sotto's, quite good, better than good


Uber does. Or UberEATS to be specific.


Which coffee shop do you like to go to to drink espressos ???


You know what ???

I wasn’t a fan of their chocolate crostata. Not one bit.

And usually I’m a fan of dope fucking chocolate.


Coffee Commissary, Go Get 'em Tiger, G&B, Blacktop, Intelligentsia (for single origin shots only), new palce just opened in K Town called Awesome Coffee repping stuff like Stereoscope that looks promising, Bar Nine and Cognoscenti sometimes…Grounded cafe near Petit Trois after a night of revelry and $23 burgers, or massive pork chops at Chi Spacca lol

Ah…we’re pretty blessed with espressos in this wasteland!


Kevin, I guess the secret to liking their chocolate crostata is not being a chocolate fan. I usually prefer lemon or vanilla based desserts, but I really love Sotto’s chocolate crostata.


Caviar does not deliver from any restaurant that offers to go. They only deliver from the restaurants listed on their website, and only those specific menu items listed. I understand that Postmates, however, will deliver from virtually any restaurant that does take-out.


Definitely should go.


It’s been a while since I was at Sotto, but I too left feeling it was quite good!


Sotto no longer offers this dish do they?


What in fucks name is that ???


Supposedly a Devil’s Gulch pork shank?

I really want to eat it =(


Someone just posted on a fucking pork pump. Go to town on that shit.


Doesn’t seem like the same.


It’s better. It’s in the fucking SGV for crying out loud.


Looks like Shanghainese Dong Po pork😀


That’s totally what I was thinking, too! :wink:


Thought you dont do pork?


I dont


More Sotto delivery last night.

Mixed Greens and Herb Salad Beets, pistachio, orange, fennel. I actually didn’t eat this last night because I ended up not being in the mood for a salad, but had it for lunch. Even the next day, it was perfection. Just a perfect salad – one of the best I have had (and I’m very fussy about my salads). The vinaigrette was amazing. I need the recipe for it, right down to which olive oil they used – it was that perfect. If I could eat that salad every day for the rest of my life, I would be a happy camper.

Also ordered the Grilled MackerelCauliflower, cured lemons, crispy barley, and pesto pantesca. This was pretty tasty and the appetizer size was plenty big enough for a dinner main course. The mackerel did leave somewhat of a fishy aftertaste, but I guess it’s mackeral after all. I think I prefer my mackerel raw.

Wasn’t so enamored of the side order of bread with olive oil. The olive oil was very good quality, but the bread didn’t thrill me. Maybe you need it right off the grill, which obviously isn’t going to happen with delivery.


Finally went back after some 4 years, a group of 4 hungry guys after having 3 big manly cocktails each at The Wellesbourne.

Was a really great dinner and much better than I remembered.

Two of us brought our own wine to take advantage of their buy a bottle, bring a bottle @ $0 corkage. Started with their 2007 FATALONE Riserva. A Puglia Zin i’m always nuts about anytime I see it. Quite the mark-up there but worth it.

Got some olives, glad they use the bright green ones, my favorite. nice citrus zest etc.

Octopus showed up with really lovely sauce and creamy fior mozzarella balls, lovely combo. as always there’s never enough octopus, i could eat lbs of it. I think first bottle disappeared before the clams showed up so we went to the 2007 Brunello we brought. Big boy wine that was wow. As suspected not really working with clams with spicy components, so warned everyone to just eat that and leave the wine alone lol. Worked great with meatballs. Lovely to have them tender yet well browned meatballs without tomato for once. Took me back to highschool pizza shop when we roasted meatballs in the oven. Nothing better than the moment those came out. Made me want to make meatballs soon.

Pizza shows up. Yea fine, good dough/crust, a bit underdone. Good chew to crisp balance. Guess I ordered the wrong topping though (guancialle, ricotta). Even a simple place like Romana does guancialle better. They lay it out on the whole pizza under the cheese so it melts entirely and becomes just a flavor component, not dried out pieces on top for display like here.

The boys couldn’t live without the tomahawk pork chop that the waiters were pushing pretty hard. No wonder, it’s like 3-4 times mark-up lol. Doesn’t matter. Was quite good. I dug into the fatty browned bone end piece first, gorgeous with the wine, nice salad. Realized I didn’t really get any of the main chop portion and then dudes were saying they regretted the pork chop because the middle was, well, pork chop. It can only get so good. So i gnawed on the bone as that’s where the flavor is and it was impeccable.

They brought the chop before the 3 pastas, we pointed that out but basically were shrugged off by the bearded waiter. Didn’t matter in the end, not like we’re going to send the secondi back because it got there before the primi. Maybe if it was a date.

Opened the Clos Pepe club wine I’ve been keeping for a while. One of the last Wes Hagen years. Sad face. Went great with all the pastas.

Lamb ragu was my favorite, then chicken liver, then pork. But all 3 were fantastic. Couple of the guys didn’t dig the liver one but they didn’t grow up in a liver culture. Lamb was really dope though. Just so silky and rich

Tore up all the pasta as well, I guess were were hungry from all the booze and we weren’t really carb loading leading up to the pasta, didn’t have bread on the table even. Places at this level that want to charge you for couple of pieces of bread bother me. Basic service.

then to some bar on western that played funk/freestyle while i lost 2 pool games…then to a dark warehouse afterhours dtla until 4.

cant wait for the dinner club’s next adventure