Sotto's, quite good, better than good


Well, I also like thin burgers, lol my favorite burger is ERB’s probably.

We’re all heretical in our own way =)


yall can have all the porkchops you want, they’re fine… the bone meat is best,… .i’ll be making ribs tomorrow… but if i’m going out on a date or without a large group i’m never ordering a chop and spending 65 again… fuk that noise… give me something slowly stewed in a sauce.


I, too, am a stew slut.


Had dinner at Sotto recently and am pleased to report this place is still killing it. We ordered the carrots, mushroom gratin, lamb meatballs, chicken liver rigatoni, lamb casarecce, the branzino, and cannoli for dessert.

Standouts were the carrots and the rigatoni. The latter, in particular, was so rich and delicious. The pasta in both pasta dishes was also cooked perfectly al dente.








The carrots look great, how were they prepared? And what the heck happened to the casarecce plate, lol?


Glad to hear Sotto is still killing it. Haven’t been in a really long time. Did you see Steve Samson in the kitchen or is he mainly at Rossoblu now?


Just roasted in the wood oven and topped with walnuts and basil. And yes, they were excellent!

My friend kept taking bites before I could take pictures lol. But he was paying, so I made the best of it.

I did not but wasn’t watching closely. Have you tried Rossoblu yet? I haven’t but it’s high on my list.


Haven’t been to Rossoblu yet. Need to make it out there.