Sprouts in da hood


I’m currently buying TJ’s Bay Blend, which is a Peet’s-style extra-dark roast.


Thanks, I’ll try it.


I just signed up for this

I go to the FM once per week but usually have very little left by the end of the week. This seems like a good cause and hopefully the fruit and produce is good.


I’ve been curious about that one. Please report back to let us know how it is.

I’m a big fan of buying the “tomatoes for salsa” and “slightly bruised, but great for pie!” type of produce when shopping farmers markets. Cut off the icky part, slice the mold off the cheese, scoop the mold out the pickled stuff. Enjoy, :slight_smile:


I’ve never been into the cleaning, I still have a housekeeper, because I just can’t. But I love feeding the boy, his friends, the little cousins. It makes me happy to feed little kids, way more than feeding adults.

But in college and pre-marriage, a couple of Yoplaits in the fridge and a bottle of vodka in the freezer was all I needed. I ate out a lot, often with rich older men, wise in the ways of food.


I’ve told you this before. Shhh… But you remind me of a younger version of me.

P.S. I still keep a bottle of vodka in my freezer.


I’ve been getting the Imperfect Produce boxes for a while. I started with a small every week, but changed to a medium every other week. There was no customization when I started, but now there is, otherwise I’d probably have quit. Quality is fine. Prices aren’t great, but aren’t bad, and at least it gives me “stuff in the house” on a Saturday morning. It also gives me reason to try new things / experiment, like with the chayote squash. I like what I did with it enough to get another in this Saturday’s box.


Cool. They aren’t in the OC yet but they said they’d be up and running by the summer. I like the idea of getting new stuff I’d never buy myself.


Okay, okay, yes, agreed… Wait! Did you just write “scoop the mold out pickled stuff.”? Stop that!


Ditto!!! Had my first escargot that way :slight_smile:


Yep, I always have TJ’s dijon mustard in the fridge.


In case you were wondering (doubtful), TJ’s on 14th St. in Manhattan carries about 25 kinds of coffee. But not Bay Blend. Alas.


You might ask if they can order it. Might be regional, though.


I may just do that. I usually don’t engage much with the staff of any store, but just this afternoon I found myself in a lengthy conversation about balcony gardening with the cashier at TJ’s Wine (there was no one behind me - I checked repeatedly). Those people are chatty.


They are. Sometimes I just want to pay for my milk and vegan frozen dinosaurs. I don’t want a new best friend.


Nor anyone questioning the vegan dinosaurs and the milk in the same basket. :wink: [Oh, I have lived in Berkeley a long time.]


I work near a Sprouts, WF and Trader Joes. I was a die hard TJs person until Sprouts opened. Sprouts fits most of my needs and I’ve been very happy with their offerings and price. Things I always buy at sprouts are cold cuts, dairy, seafood (They have Regal Springs Tilapia) and meats. Everything except produce and a few speciality items (Bianco Canned Tomatoes) we get at Sprouts. Finally, their soups are the best among all supermarkets (The Chicken Noodle and Chicken Tortilla are favorites) so i find myself there often for those.

As others have mentioned, it’s worth keeping an eye on their circulars. We don’t use a lot of frozen stuff, but they often have frozen Aisle sales as well as supplement and body/beauty sales.

– Dommy!


Also, not sure if this is a regional thing or company wide, but Wednesdays is their “double dip” day. That’s the day the previous week’s sale and the current week’s sale overlap, so you can get both weeks’ sale prices. I try to do my Sprouts shopping on Wednesdays so I can take advantage of both sales.


Oh sweet. Can I share that on the save money eating thread?


[quote=“lmnopm, post:56, topic:5624”]
Nor anyone questioning the vegan dinosaurs and the milk in the same basket.
[/quote]Funny! Whole Foods is worse. They attract the food crazies. I was at check out once and when the woman behind me saw peanut butter in my cart she started speaking loudly, to no one (but really to me) about how peanuts are sooo toxic and should be illegal. I told her to “stay in her own lane.” Another time, I heard a woman yelling - clear across the store - at the butchers for not having Step 6 meats. I’ve read those Steps - what is Step 6, a monthly visit to a day spa? At that point you should just become a vegetarian.