Suggestion for July 4th in LA for group of 4?


Chi Spacca would be great but even if they are open its so small it is likely booked. The Pointe replaced Terrine and I think its a good choice.


Here are a couple picked primarily for the views:

Roof on Wilshire, 6317 Wilshire, LA - good views, ok food, small space atop hotel

EP + LP, 603 N. LaCienega - limited food on roof


At least on OpenTable, Chi Spacca takes reservations only a month in advance. They have lots of tables available for the week of June 11.


Thank you all for the suggestions; I’m looking into each and will follow up shortly! It’s much appreciated!

Last question: What are your thoughts towards Madeo?

It’s been on my list of places to try for years and for whatever reason, it’s never happened yet. I’ve read some favorable comments in posts here and there… mains seem to fall in the $30-50 price range and starters seem best suited for sharing, which I like. The atmosphere looks to be dark, classic, L.A.; not what I originally emphasized, but a bonus nonetheless, in my book.

I recognize it’s an unfair comparison (North Italy vs South Italy) but strictly in terms of dexterity in the kitchen, does the food stack up to Chi Spacca, or is it not even in the same league?


AOC is in the area and might be worth a look


Madeo is fantastic. So is e.baldi. So is Angelini Osteria
And they are all in the same league quality and price-wise.

Comparing the Tuscans to each other is easy but to Chi is hard - if you want great pasta/seafood and some specialized meats, the Tuscan West Coast food at e.baldi or Madeo is the same.
you want more pan-Italian food - Osteria A.
More meat, and food that is great, but not really Italian food - Chi.


Thanks so much. I just called and unfortunately (though not surprisingly) Madeo is closed on July 4th. Bummer. I was just getting excited about it.


not advice, but keep in mind that any of the places near beach fireworks such as the Huntley or Cafe del Rey will be jammed traffic-wise afterwards.


Yeah, I figured as much, which is why I’d prefer to steer clear of Santa Monica and the coast. My wife relayed our friends preference to do something in L.A. which is why I ended up booking at the Beverly Laurel. Otherwise, I probably would have planned to stay by the beach where there would have been more fun options. It’s okay though, we’re not that into patriotic celebration and we’ve all seen fireworks before. I’m more concerned with finding someplace memorable that meets our criteria and I just hope that some of the above recommendations will actually be open, because so far, I’m batting 0.


AOC was my first thought, but they’re closed for the holiday.


Aaah, you are right I should have checked. Maybe it is best to focus on restaurants attached to hotels as they might be more likely to be open.


I actually considered this… but there’s some crappy vocal group that will probably be singing a bunch of patriotic songs that will make us want to catch a cab in the opposite direction, haha.


Nothing a few $42 bottles of wine can’t fix.

  • Osteria Mozza

  • Kali

  • Odys and Penelope

No idea if any of them are open the 4th, however.


Republique is open on the 4th, has open tables, and is less than 10 minutes from your hotel, it’ll be pricier than your sample restaurant though.

Animal is another option but have no idea if they’ll be open.


71 Above is also open on the 4th, i’m sure you’ll be able to catch some fireworks somewhere from 950ft up.


Republique (formerly Campanile) is an amazing space.


Thanks! I made a reservation for 8 pm!

I’ll keep searching but it looks like this is where we’ll likely end up, which is fine by me as the food looks great!


Would you recommend one over the other? (Rep vs 71A)

71A would admittedly be very fun with fireworks shooting off around us… and the price is right on at $70/head!


food is going to be better at republique, 71A you’ll get amazing views