Sunday Brunch? LMU/Westchester/Marina/Inglewood -OR- Gardena/South Bay


Suggestions welcome. Going with 2 recent LMU grads, so let’s not go too expensive here (aka, not the $80 Trump National AYCE spread). Bonus points if they have (bottomless) mimosas. More bonus points for something off the beaten path.

Oh, and I’d like for there to be some low-carb options for myself, if possible.


The Rockefeller


Abigaile in Hermosa Beach

Painter’s Tape in Gardena (no bottomless mimosas, though)


+1 on Painters Tape. A very big +1.

But, and this is a big but, no alcohol whatsoever … bottomless mimosas be damned.


True. :persevere:


Thanks for the suggestions @ipsedixit and @thechez5 ! After deliberation, I think we’re going to go to Ise-Shima at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel based on @Chowseeker1999 's recent recommendation.