Super Numbing Spicy Sichuan or Other Chinese Food?


I hear you and feel you. You know, there are studies that say eating spicy food only brings temporary relief, and might even worsen things afterwards, but…I don’t care, that’s what I crave too :slight_smile: When I’m in really bad shape, even temporary is worth it to me.


It makes my nose run, which helps with the stuffiness. Relief is always temporary until the cold runs its course, but I find I get more relief AND I can still taste the food despite my cold-induced dulled taste buds :grin:


Anything else that stands out here?


I like the pig’s blood and the stuffed duck. People seem to really like the beer duck hot pot, but that was never a draw for me (even at Houlala).


It’s really hard to go wrong. I’ve had dozens of meals at the beloved Chengdu Taste and Szechuan Impression, but sometimes I crave the stuff at Yun Chuan Garden. Every Sichuan and Hunan restaurant in the SGV has something good to offer, it seems.

A little secret that might make your day: Through Postmates, you can get delivery to DTLA from both Chengdu Taste and Szechuan Impression.