Supermarket Ice Cream


I’ll give it a try. All of the Coolhaus products were on sale at WF yesterday (pints, sandwiches and bars) but they generally change sale items on Wednesday.


We only buy Tillamook Old Fashioned Cream… which is very little vanilla… it’s more like sweet cream i grew up with and still chase any time we’re in europe.


I’m just pulling your leg.

Personally, I hate all supermarket ice cream

If I’m going to have ice cream. I want the good stuff. Which means going to an actual shop and buying it and eating it, sort of a la minute.

Supermarket ice cream is to masturbation like scoop shop ice cream is to sex.


There’s a time and a place for both!


I’ve found the flavor aspect of Jeni’s to be very good. I’ve never had the store-bought pints though.




I know but when you live in North OC not a lot of good options. The best is probably Churned Creamery. I’d kill for a Sweet Rose, Salt n Straw, McConnells or anything of that ilk within a 10-15 mile radius.


I rather like the Choctál single-origin chocolate and vanilla ice creams - but, when I couldn’t get the website to load I turned to Wiki, which says the company was liquidated in Dec 2017.


Is Rich Farm or Farm Rich Ice Cream shop close enough to you? Have you tried it?
I’ve only been in once, and I thought it was good.


The first time I tried Halo Top I thought it was disgusting.

But I was at Gelson’s awhile back in the ice cream section and I was debating between Halo Top and Nancy’s Fancy and some other super-premium ice cream. The super premium stuff was 250 calories for a half cup (4 in a pint) and the Halo Top was 260 calories for the whole damn pint. I briefly considered the possibility of buying the super premium and having a half cup, but then I thought “who are you kidding? You know you are going to eat the whole pint in one sitting.” Then I compared 1,000 calories for the pint of super premium (which would absolutely cause weight gain for me) and 260 calories (which would not cause weight gain) and that is how I came to discover Halo Top Birthday Cake, which is actually edible, if not great. If you are the kind of person who can content yourself with 1/2 cup of ice cream or if you don’t have to worry about your weight, your decision-making might vary.


This has always kind of been the marketing genius of Halo Top–they are selling guilt free gluttony. The thing is I’d just rather have a half cup of good than a pint of halo top, but if you like the halo top stuff enough to eat a pint of it in a sitting, it makes sense to get it.


We’ve been twice. It’s a nice neighborhood spot. They are nice people and give out generous portions. But it’s not necessarily my speed.


Good points @omotesando. I work out 4-5 times per week and am in pretty good shape. It also takes me about 7-8 servings to finish a pint of ice cream so I’m not worried about calories.

I just want the best stuff which is at scoop shops in LA which are very far from my house. I’ve been eye f-cking the Humphrey Slocombe Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee at WF but it’s $10. Anybody?


This is currently my favorite:


Gotta throw a vote in for Saffron and Rose. They sell pints of them at most Persian supermarkets and definitely cures the crave as I am all the way in the OC.


Thrifty Mint 'n Chip you heathens. I think Talenti may be my favorite of the semi-mass market upmarket ice creams and am sorta coming around on Halo Top. The dearly departed Farmers Ranch Market in Van Nuys had amazing persian ice cream, especially almond, though the brand escapes me right now.


Mama’s on 39 in HB sells the Thrifty/Rite-Aid ice cream.


They have 5 gallon tubs of Thrifty at Reatuarant Depot.


You can also obtain 5 gallon drums directly from the factory in El Monte.


I had Humphrey Slocombe once in Napa…it was a rosé sorbet made with Domaine Carneros’ rosé champagne. It was so good we got another pint and ate it on the terrace…there were 8 of us that day.