Supermarket Ice Cream


Anybody try this?


Delicious. Buy it if you see it at the grocery store. A great chocolate ice cream with some little nuggets of goodness between the cake bites and hard fudge pieces. Not too sweet and didn’t need to drink a gallon of water after eating.
That’s all.


Just had Salt and Straw on Alaska Airlines eastbound and westbound. Color me not impressed. I had read Alaska was serving Nancy’s Fancy, which I haven’t tried, but instead we got Salt and Straw. Didn’t even finish it and generally I will eat anything on a flight out of boredom.


I can’t believe I just saw this! YES!!! It took me a little bit to find… the promotions teams have no idea how distribution work… and so often they push out things. When they are nowhere near getting on the shelves (looking at you pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes…).

But I finally found it late August (YES.) and it was wonderful! It has a wonderful clean Yuzu flavor with a nice richness to it to mellow it out. I love lemon ice cream and Yuzu and by far it’s my favorite I’ve had all summer long. Even better than McConnels Lemon and Berries. The only one that came close was Long Beach Creamery Lemon Bar.


I know that raise was huge . I worked in a italian bakery. I got a nickel raise . It was like being brought into the family . I thought wtf.


I had Salt and Straw in Venice once. Didn’t hate it, but I have no interest in going again.


Thanks for the feedback. I have been reluctant to pull the trigger bc I think I’d be stuck eating the whole pint by myself. But for the sake of science. The Yuzu sounds like a good alternative to all the chocolate based pints I’ve been buying recently.


Thank you for the recommendation. I tried Humphry Slocombe when it opened and didn’t like it. All I could taste was sugar. As I love yuzu, I’ll give them another chance.

I’m such a fan of yuzu that I have a yuzu tree in my back yard. During the season (which is starting now) I grate yuzu onto my salad every day.


Got this at Bristol Farms and boy was it great!


Likewise! Such a great harvest this year for our tree!


YEP! I’m sensitive to sweet, so that is why I love lemon ice cream. It was JUST sweet enough without making it taste like canided lemon and not so unsweet that it’s puckery. The cream edge to it really smoothed out the flavor…


your analytical approach is practically identical to mine (most of the time).
i’ve struggled and successfully kept my weight under control for the last 15 years.
not interested in throwing the immense amount of work that went into this undertaking in the garbage if i can avoid it… . .


A good palate cleanser. It’s as you described not too sweet. Good sharp clean flavor but not overly tart. Definitely get the richness of cream at the finish. Tasted like a yuzu creamsicle.


So glad you liked it! It’s amazing how that cream comes through despite such a sharp yuzu flavor. Excellent interplay of flavors.


Haagens Dazs has a mango flavor ice cream that is very good, much better than I expected. The new pineapple-coconut is also nice.


this did not suck


When we get motivated enough, we make our own, but when we want to make licados with the guavas my neighbor shares with us, Breyers vanilla ice cream never fails.


Much stronger coconut flavor than pineapple. It’s basically coconut ice cream with pineapple chunks. The texture that reminded me of gelato. It’s a nice refreshing pint of ice cream. I like both coconut and pineapple so I’d recommend.

Thanks for the heads up @Bookwich.


if you like coconut, i enjoyed this:


Darn I was just at WF but didn’t see this flavor. Looks delicious.