Sushi | Bar (by Chef Phillip Frankland Lee): A Pictorial Essay


Pretty interesting! I’m down with the cocktail pairings. Do you know of any other places that do a cocktail pairing?




Went here the other night; $156.83 lighter and exactly 31 minutes later I was out the door and eating duck wings, fried potatoes, a cheeseburger and a donut at Woodley proper. At $5.06/minute this was the most expensive meal per minute I’ve had since my lunch at sukiyabashi jiro.


wtf?? thanks for the report, guess I’m out.


You don’t like quick meals? What if it’s the most delicious food ever?


I’ve been known to eat McDoubles under 2 minutes.

RIP McDouble


A great meal is always much more than the food alone


I’m laughing at the idea of stupid Vespertine cocktails.

“Here we have a Dutch gin, infused with fresh blueberries and rosemary, strained into a spray bottle. Three sprays are then introduced to a completely pitch black coffee mug, with desiccated olive shavings as garnish.”

“This next cocktail is literally just comedian Tim Allen’s 1997 autobiography. It’s not even a cocktail, it’s a book, I’m a genius, &%$# you.”


Well sheeeoot… Our party was there well over 2 hours. (And finished sated.) Was Jiro-san himself doing a cameo as guest itamae for you that night?!


Unless jiro-san magically turned into a young white dude with tattoos, then no.


Then white dude with tattoos must have been channeling Jiro with his deft and efficient service.

Dang, that sounds like you had a hurried meal. How many bites did you receive?


I got the full 17-course omakase plus a $12 halibut supplement. I couldn’t justify paying for the two other overpriced nigiri supplements - $12 jellyfish and $32 wagyu.


is it off the menu with their $ menu abomination? that 2 mcdoubles for $2.50 was actually a pretty good value.


Yes. Replaced by bacon McDouble for $2. That’s a hard pass from me.