Sushi Ginza Onodera


Best sushi I’ve had so far in NYC. Akasu vinegared rice, 100% Japanese imported fish, longer aging process, nice setting and great service. Only complaint is the standard $300+ tab common with NYC high end sushi. I miss LA pricing.


SGO LA is also 300+


Yeah but LA has lots of good sub $300 alternatives


Pics from prior visit.

They shine in their generous servings of Uni :yum:


Very generous! But then again, you’re paying for it.


Have you tried Noda?

Just tried it recently myself. While I’m certainly not astute in enough in sushi to pontificate about good, better, or best, it was definitely one of the best omakase experiences I’ve had.


Have not, its on the short list to try…were they serving any of the hikarimono (kohada, aji etc…)? For some reason they weren’t when it first opened. Do they make you get a drink at the bar before the meal begins?

Remaining list of places I’ve not checked out in the city:

  • Noz
  • Noda
  • Nakazawa
  • Kosaka
  • Azabu
  • Shuko
  • Uchu
  • Shoji at 69 Leonard


Yes, we had some iwashi (does that count as hikari mono?). And yes, we had drinks at the bar. Did they “make” us? Not sure, but were certainly led there first …


Yup, iwashi falls into that category.


I wish I was more facile in sushi, as there’s so many great sushi spots to explore in Manhattan, and I essentially get to dine free when in NYC.


Please take me along with you…

Btw check out Noz next, probably the one I’m most excited about at the moment.


Walked right by Noz when we stopped by HARBS after an afternoon at the Guggenheim Museum.


Do you know if the Noda bar is available for just a drink, or if it’s just available to diners there? I want to try their Ichiro’s Malt collection. I have a bunch of sushi places lined up (Amane, Noz, SGO, and possibly Noda), but I’m oscillating between Noda and diversifying my itinerary a bit with Yamada Chikara…


I sat with Saito-san and my meal at SGO was great. He is indeed very skilled; I think the NY branch is their premier location. Technically, it was better than previous visits to their Honolulu and LA branches. @J_L, the rice here in NY is much more dialed in - it was not overly seasoned like at the LA branch’s opening. Still strong akazu flavor, but not over salted. Saito-san’s knifework and formation skills were also impressive. NY’s sushi game is as strong as it gets in the country, in my opinion.


@BradFord Glad you enjoyed the meal with Saito! Good to know how it compares to the other locations.



Chef Saito is the best sushi chef I’ve encountered at SGO in my 6 visits to their various locations.

Abalone (exemplary!)

Kinmedai from Chiba





Kamasu bozushi






Kohada with tamago soboro

Aji (!)

Miso soup


Bafun uni

Kasutera tamago


@Sgee Care to compare SGO NYC’s nigiri to the high end offerings of LA since I’m contemplating going there for lunch when I visit NYC in Oct? Thanks!


@moonboy403 I don’t dine out that often, best to get the resident ballers to weigh in. You get around more than I do too. Don’t want to mislead you. Sorry.


Apparently this will be Chef’s Saito last week at SGO.