Sushi in NYC


Is about to get even crazier.

  • Sushi no Yoshino, moving from Nagoya - targeted for this Fall.
  • Sushi Yoshitake (in the works, not sure exactly what stage this is at)
  • Sushi Saito, in the semi distant future (and the Malaysia branch will close)

After dining at Noz, Noda, Sushi Ginza Onodera, and Sushi Amane, I do think high end sushi in NY is the best in the US (the only other one in that echelon is Sushi Sho, in Honolulu for now, in my opinion). That this much more firepower is coming in is pretty insane. And non sushi related, a branch of Torishiki is coming to Greenwich Village.

I’ll post updates as I come across them.

I’m going to have to visit NYC at least once a year, you New Yorkers have it all!


Woweeee. Awesome news!


Kyubey, too


Not super new, but Sushi by Bae is a unique experience. If for nothing else than the fact it’s helmed by a female itamae (Oona Tempest).


Hey BradFord, how does LA sushi compare to Ginza in NYC? I’m planning to try Ginza in Oct and it would be nice to have a preview from you. :sunglasses:


Saito is going to open in the upcoming Aman hotel (2020), or so I’ve heard.

I’m surprised by the lack of media info on the impending opening of Yoshino, and also on Yoshitake and Kyubey. Several people have confirmed Yoshitake with me - it’s been in the works for a while.


Haven’t been to Nakazawa’s place in Hawaii, but Akira Yoshizumi in San Mateo is on par with the best in NYC. Shoji is easily in same league as Noz, Amane, etc. Great sourcing, chef has impeccable training and is developing a fantastic melding of kaiseki and sushi.

Farewell to Saito at Ginza Onodera! Farewell to Oona at Sushi by Bae!


I’ve been to Yoshizumi about 8 times. Yoshizumi-san knows Nakazawa-san from Sushi Sho. I like Sushi Yoshizumi, but haven’t been in a while. The nigiri was very good.

I haven’t been to Shoji, but I’ve followed Ichimura’s progression - maybe next time. I had a good meal at Satsuki, too. Too many high-end places to count in NYC, so many options! But Noz is probably my favorite overall, though Amane, Noz, Noda, and SGO all had some standout specific pieces and styles. Amane’s nigiri, for example, was very different than that of SGO - both were very technical, but you could tell their styles apart easily. Amane’s efficiency and precision was admirable - so few movements.

I’m trying to use this thread more as an upcoming openings in NYC, less as a place of reviews, however.


Ichimura is now at Uchu. The chef at Shoji is Derek Wilcox. He trained in kaiseki for 7 years at Kikonoi, 3 years of sushi at Aoki, but also informal training with Kikuo Shimizu. Check it out next time you’re in NYC.

I’m very excited for Yoshino!