Sushi Noz - another high end spot opening Feb


Another addition in the recent trend of chefs branching out on their own. Instagram looks promising

"Born in Hokkaido, Japan, Chef Noz was from a very young age inspired by the fresh fish and seafood of his grandfather, who owned and operated a seafood company. This provided him his first experiences with ingredients like uni, salmon roe and king crab, which still stand as cornerstones in his cuisine.

After finishing high school, Chef Noz moved to Sapporo city. He apprenticed at a Sapporo sushi restaurant and furthered his training in the art of sushi. It was during this time that he began to envision himself dedicating his life to the craft. After two years in Sapporo, he moved to Tokyo, epicenter of the centuries-old Edomae style, where he spent four years honing traditional techniques for preparing Edomae sushi’s hallmark freshly-caught fish and vinegar-seasoned rice.

Following his tenure in Tokyo, Chef Noz came to New York and worked as a sous chef for Sushiden NY.

Chef Noz’s lifelong dedication to quality food has made him one of the world’s premier Sushi Chefs. He advanced to the position of Executive Chef in 2012, and is excited to share his cuisine under the aegis of his own establishment

He will be opening his own restaurant, Sushi Noz, in December at 78st and 3rd."