Sushi Noz - UES


Recap of the Ryoriya So X Sushi Noz collab event. Excellent kaiseki style dinner.

This is a quality establishment.


Nice! Cost per person and did they offer a sake pairing?


Can I just thank you for presenting your pictures in a way that makes them enjoyable to view? Thank you.


That IS a great format. Especially for sushi when there are SO many pix. I join you in thanks!


@small_h @catholiver You’re most welcome


@beefnoguy there was a sake offering available however did not opt for it, it was a bit too much sake for me the last time. Was pretty buzzed after dinner. Here’s a snapshot of their sake list for your browsing pleasure

Btw are you familiar with a “Kinji/Rushu” baby salmon available Oct-Nov? Neglected to take a picture of the numbered certificate, apparently very rare.

Dinner was $435/pp all inclusive (excluding beverages)


Looks spectacular! Price seems pretty high though.


I’m guessing you had Keiji salmon, which kyee87 explained here and you asked about it 4 years ago :wink:

Thanks so much for taking a snapshot of the sake menu! Those are some very…interesting markups!


Hahaha, apparently I did a poor job retaining the information. Thanks for the link. The salmon I had was indeed Keiji from Rausu.

Assuming that means very high?


Dining out in NYC is terribly expensive.


Well, a topic for another thread, but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.


Some markups are more :crazy_face: than others and there is one weird exception

using True Sake as a retail baseline

Kokuryu Black Dragon Junmai Ginjo $43 vs $110

Kotsuzumi Shower of Blossoms - $135 True Sake vs $125 at Noz which is very strange (unless this is a different sake but I think this is the one that Robert Parker unfortunately gave a wine score to …)

Kokuryu Ryu Daiginjo $100 vs $265

Akitabare Suirakuten - $82 vs $400 (yikes) unless this was mislabeled as is actually the Junmai Daiginjo instead…

Tsugu - wholesales for about $300, True Sake had it before at $700, vs $1200

Tatsuriki Yokawa Yoneda - I bought one from Southern California 2+ years ago for $200, vs $525

But this is not surprising, given that corkage is $100 per bottle. Nonetheless very interesting info and there’s probably more of a business reason than practical for the selection.


That does seem like a very haphazard markup policy. Thanks for your take.


Was there some trick to doing that layout? It could be especially good when people post two pix for a lot of the dishes.


The trick is to process the pictures into a series of collages before posting them on FTC.


Judging from the pictures of the sake you posted on the Sake Talk thread from Noz, it looks like Noz’s Akitabare Suirakuten is the even more limited Junmai Daiginjo…the $82 retail I quoted is for the Daiginjo. The JD is not available retail that I know of…so restaurants could charge more or less whatever they feel like…


How was the keiji salmon? You don’t see that everyday. I can’t remember the last time I saw it on a menu - maybe Vintage Cave’s Kazuma in Honolulu a few years back (they’ve switched concepts since).

Interesting that they steamed it - sounds like the dish would have really slick textures.


Honestly I couldn’t really tell the difference vs. very good salmon. It was served diced raw along with ikura over steamed grated nagaimo. We were instructed to mix everything up.