Sushi of Gari Hollywood: A Pictorial Essay


Agree with @ipsedixit, not true. They have some great creative topping combinations; far superior to some of the monstrosities locally. I recollect having an amazing smoke infused neta (forgot specific fish) during my meal in NYC.


um…if people don’t want to go to gari and eat sushi, how do they stay in business?


For the smoked yellowtail collar? For the fantastic beef teriyaki? For the melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin tempura? For the sake-friendly karaage? Or perhaps for the mochi ice cream.

Or maybe people just pay to go and enjoy the Toto Neorest. I know that’s what I do. Beats the toilet in my hotel room.


I too am a huge fan. Toto the toilet, that is (not so much the band or the dog).


Do they have the same setup in LA?


Reviewer fail: Didn’t go check out the bathroom. Please remove whatever badges I may have earned.


Went for lunch today. Very good way to sample the style without breaking the bank with the mandatory evening omakase. Chef’s choice eight piece lunch special with roll was $50. Aside from the roll, everything that I was served was perfectly documented by @J_L. I have to say it was a very enjoyable meal. My only gripe is that that tomato served on their signature dish was way too hot. I wound up burning my tongue. The good thing is that it was really tasty. Chef was really personable and almost too humble. He really was downplaying his pedigree a lot. And it was a bonus to spend some quality time on their wonderful commode. Can’t say I’m rushing back for the evening course, but it’s certainly on my to do list.


nice pics, did you need a second lunch?


i love how the biggest picture in that set is the pic of the toilet.


where are the controls for the toilet, is it on the wall? Does it have a heated seat, automatic air deodorizer, proximity sensor? how does it compare to yazawa’s toilet?


I had a rather late breakfast of Bob’s Donuts this morning. By the time lunch was done, I was pretty sated. I’m starving now, but holding off for Ad Hoc fried chicken at Bouchon tonight. Let’s just chalk this up as a “treat yourself” day for me! :slight_smile:


Controls were on the wall. I didn’t stay that long to enjoy the full compliment of features. And I think this could be the start of a brilliant new thread.


My current top 2 LA toilets

  1. Yazawa
  2. Sushi tsujita


Great writeup! And with toilet picture, natch.

Yeah, the chef told me to wait at least 10-15 seconds before tearing into that signature tomato dish. I listened.


Now I sort of need to know if both the men’s and women’s bathrooms have the same Toto Neorest 600 model.




What did you think?

I thought the chicken was flavorful and juicy but frankly that breading was a bit thick for my tastes.

Nonetheless. Very tasty bird.


Still really tasty and juicy. Crust was über thick this time. I still ate every last bit. Side were so so. Biscuits and green beans were alright. Bechamel on the mac and cheese had way too much nutmeg. But it’s a lovely room and I was with great company. I should just order the take out bucket next time though.


Went on Friday night.
It is really quite delicious. As somewhat of a sushi purist I expected to dislike it and find the fish overwhelmed by the toppings. That is true to a certain extent on many of the plates but the flavors work really well together on most of those fusion-y offerings that I found myself strangely satisfied.
The three sushi chefs we met trained in NYC for three months to learn the Gari program but will tell you (semi-discreetly) that the fish selection in LA is better.
They could use a tap beer but the two craft beers from Japan are nice. Had a wonderful “tap” sake not sure of the name or what tap sake even means. But it was great.


Tried going here for a second time before a show at the Fonda, and found that they’ve changed their name to Totoyama Sushi & Ramen. Headed in anyway because I needed a quick bite and didn’t want Shake Shack. The decor is the same, and my attached picture shows they still have a bit of unique garnishes on each piece but no longer as pronounced and a noticeable dip in quality. It’s simply not the same. Also had a ramen which wasn’t anything special. Oh well.