Sushi Saito - Hong Kong


If you can’t get ressies in Tokyo or make it to the branch in KL…opening later this month


This decade will be the Era of Uber High End Omakase Proliferation.

Seriously the sushi masters are sending their apprentices to KL, Bangkok, Taipei, HK, etc. That’s alot of expensive sushi and it boggles my mind to think how many rich Asians are buying into it.


Sushi Saito (3 Michelin star Tokyo) Hong Kong location at the Four Seasons Hotel, with 10% mandatory service fee. For the first week they are only taking VIP customers. Two days out of that week, VIPs will be served by Saito san himself who will design the special menus for the evening. The cost? US$818 per person. When Saito’s apprentice starts as head chef (after grand opening), lunch will be about US$208 with 14 pieces sushi and soup, dinner runs about US$462 with 6 appetizers and 10 pieces sushi.

(The amusing part of the video, how come they show another restauarant Sushisho Saito around the 0:39 mark?)


$818 :sob::sob: