Sushi Yoshino - Nagoya Transplant, Spring '19 opening [NoHo]


Latest Yoshino update from the NYTimes; Spring 2019 scheduled opening. Restaurant will be located at 342 Bowery

Yoshino — New York

For several years, a group of sushi aficionados has been trying to create a high-end destination in New York with Tadashi Yoshida — a 49-year-old award-winning chef with 30 years of experience and a restaurant, Sushi No Yoshino, in Nagoya, Japan — in the kitchen. They are close to accomplishing their goal, and the restaurant is now to open in the spring. The menu will be a $300 sushi omakase served at a 12-seat counter made of Japanese hinoki wood. Mr. Yoshida is not merely opening a branch of his restaurant, as many Japan-based restaurateurs have done, but is also moving here after closing his restaurant in Japan next month.

342 Bowery (Great Jones Street).


Shit. When I saw NoHo I thought North Hollywood.


this will be a good one!


nyc sushi game is really kicking la’s ass