Takeout in La Canada / along the 2?


Anything good in La Canada for takeout? I have no idea what’s around except for Honeybird, and I don’t think the phil lee of fish would be good after driving home for an hour…

so that’s pretty much it - looking for good takeout food that will reheat well due to an hour drive home. I’ll actually take any suggestions from the 134/2 interchange up to 210/2 interchange, but triple bonus points for any suggestions near foothill/angeles crest.


Decent, not great Indian from India’s Flavor in Montrose (been a while since we’ve been, though):

Schreiner’s in Glendale/Montrose (they close at 5:30):

Berolina in Glendale/Montrose (closes at 6:00):

Someone mentioned Mante House in Tujunga on another thread:

Cafe Lanka in La Crescenta:


we had a great meal there 10+ years ago, will need to revisit soon based on my recent Canyon Country/Palmdale experience. I also know a lot more about indian food now vs then.

Thanks for the other recs.


I love La Cabañita for their tacos & stuffed chiles, though I can’t vouch for their travel readiness. I’ve enjoyed pizza at Georgee’s and sandwiches at LC Imports, and you could always drop down to Glendale for Zankou, or if you’re rolling further down the 2 to Dune in Atwater.


i’ll be heading up the 2 from the 134, so places like Skaf’s would be in play while Dune would not.


Right off the 2/210 interchange near Verdugo is Etc. as well as Verdugo Pizza


My favorite take-out spot when I worked in La Canada was Min’s Kitchen (Thai food). Family run and just great service. Fairly “safe” menu and somewhat on the pricier side, but well executed.


Anything in particular? I’ve been driving right by that place.


My choices probably make me seem basic :joy: I like the pad see ew beef, the BBQ chicken served with coconut rice and green papaya salad (the BBQ chicken also served a la carte), or sizzling beef (which works better for dine-in). Since I’ve only been for lunch in recent years these are the choices I generally return to. The (now ex) co-workers I meet up with often get the pad prik king, pad kee mow, or one of their curries. As for the curries, I know I’ve tried a few but none left much of an impression.


Fish King or Rockbird in Glendale
Fish King



evidently there is a large Korean population west of the 2 freeway that I just discovered, because I’m normally east of the 2 freeway. Of note, Nanuri Snack has kimbap and spicy rice cakes, and there’s an angus meat market next door that has some great looking meat and the necessary accouterments. Any other notable korean stops in the area?


FWIW, la crescenta is to koreans what arcadia is to the chinese. most of the korean supermarkets sell decent kimbap you could munch on in the car on the drive home. i’ve never thought that korean food traveled well.


not a lot of korean supermarket options around; Nanuri is actually the closest for me. The kimbap from this place travelled very well actually; not a lot of rice - but lots of good stuff - which helped.


i can think of at least two on foothill - closer to if not in la canada actually.