Taqueria Los Anaya


I followed your instructions. It was fucking incredible. No joke, the best shrimp ceviche I’ve ever had, and one of the best ceviches I’ve ever had.


Ditto here. I’ll be back within the next week for another order…guaranteed!


Are the ribs on the regular menu or is this an off-menu item?


Always been on the menu, they’re called northern ribs. Good job with the ceviche. my last one was a tad overcured… a bit more chewy than previous time


Those northern ribs were so good! I also had the shrimp ceviche per your suggestion. Delicious but just a tad over cured also.


Just wanted to pile on the Shrimp Ceviche tostada praise, went there recently and yes, as other’s have proclaimed, this was easily the best ceviche I’ve ever had. $18 would seem a bit steep however, the order comes with 2 and will definitely fill you up and the tostada itself on the bottom was flakey and delicate, really made it all come together. I wish this was offered year round but make sure to stop by to try this out.


is it 14 or are you doing a Nemroz and calling that 18 with TT?

went there today for the awesomest barbacoa burrito