Tasting the Seasons of Japan - The Exquisite, Austere, Pure Kaiseki Cuisine of Hayato [Thoughts + Pics]


I need to make a reservation the next time I find myself in the city at lunchtime during the week.


Dude if the box doesn’t fill thy gullet just bangbang down the ROW at Rappahannock.


I would have but the only places open at the time were hayato and some hamster kids boutique store where i could have purchased an inflatable gold flamingo for 72 bucks.


(The food at paramount coffee project in the same complex is also quite good)


Dammit! I bought mine there for $105!


Hey all, got a reservation for two for Wednesday the 26th that I can’t make. If anyone wants it, message me and I can drop it for you


When do reservations for December go live?


Hi @js76wisco,

It looks like it’s about 1 month in advance (to the day), so perhaps tomorrow morning for the first week? Just guessing. You could also try email or calling them as well. Good luck!