Tasty Noodle House Mystery?


I was wondering if there was any connection between the Tasty Noodle House located off Las Tunas in Alhamhra and the other Tasty Noodle Houses in the rest of California?

There’s currently a branch opening off 3rd and crescent heights and I was super excited as I love the Las Tunas restaurant and their shui jian bao and other items, plus there are a dearth of authentic chinese options around weho/west LA. However, upon digging around the west 3rd locations FB page (http://bit.ly/2wLBGqu) it appears that they aren’t related, but they have very similar food offerings.

Anyone know the backstory or how they can use the same restaurant name? Paging @chandavkl @JThur01


They’re opening on Sawtelle as well, in the old Restaurant 2117 space.


They’re related, but not in the way you are thinking.

Also, the food between Tasty Noodle House (San Gabriel) versus Tasty Noodle House (SoCal) is not similar. The former is a Dongbei (or 大连, to be more precise) restaurant, while the latter are really Shanghainese-centric.

Tasty Noodle House (Sawtelle Japantown): A Pictorial Essay

I would also just add that a) the English name is kind of besides the point (looks like the one in Las Tunas is 大连风味菜, vs 品味面家), and b) it’s a pretty generic name.

Other than big chains, I doubt you’d see one Chinese restaurant sue another around using a similar name, and can think of plenty of cases where restaurants are using a name that’s the name of a famous restaurant in China (but without any business connection), or has a generic name that’s probably used by other Chinese restaurants both locally and not.


Look at the business cards. Las Tunas makes no reference to any others. All the others–Hacienda Heights, Cerritos, Irvine, Lomita, Chino cross reference. I presume Third St. is part off this group.


I just excited too cruising by this morning


Thanks for the clarification everyone. Still sad it’s not the las tunas tasty noodle house opening…

@ipsedixit So in what way are they related?


There’s a green logo indicating which ones are in the chain.


Yeah it seems like everyone is part of the chain except for the one on las tunas


ipse beat me, but that’s the key difference, the one on Las Tunas in San Gabriel is Dalian, while the chain (all others) skews more Shanghainese.


Has anyone been to the one on 3rd & Crescent Hts?

Good question about how are they related @hungryhungryhippos. Hopefully it will get answered. :grin:


When I ate at the 3rd St. location last year, the waitress told me she had transferred from the Lomita location. Then when I ate at Sawtelle earlier this month she came up to me and said she remembered me from 3rd St. If you look at the business cards and menus, they’re all listed except for the one on Las Tunas in San Gabriel.


Oh thanks. I can always count on you for an answer.