Thanksgiving 2017


@robert Yes, there’s a rubdown in olive oil, salt and pepper…I get both crispy bacon and crisp breast skin. My favorite is the dark meat skin, though.


I will just take the bacon please.


There’s always a fight over that bacon blanket…and always one person who wants the whole piece.


That turkey looks fantastic! We haven’t used our smoker in far too long. Those photos have inspired us!


Thank you for the kind words!

Since taking on meal prep, I have smoked the turkey every Thanksgiving and clean up has been relatively pain free. And everyone prefers the smoked turkey more.

My one tidbit of advice is to break the turkey down into separate peices as they tend to cook at different rates.

I always use the thighs to make turkey soup with brown rice, lentils and kale. Start in the cast iron and finish in the crock pot.

My “rub” is simply Montreal seasoning. Shhhh…don’t tell the bbq snobs. :grin:


I definitely notice the ‘broken down’ turkey. Great idea. Good idea for the thighs also. PS: There’s not a house in your nabe for sale, is there? LOL


Does it really peel off in one sheet?

If so, I think I have a whole pan of focaccia lurking somewhere looking for something to cuddle up with.

How epic would that be? A BLT made with focaccia, a turkey basted bacon sheet, and some fresh sweet potato leaves and some fresh off-the-vine tomatoes.

Fuck. I need a moment alone.



I brush oil on the turkey…the blanket peeled right off. There was a fight. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo.


But of course. You’re a true pugilist. And it takes both hands to really punch someone …


First I’ve heard that they make bacon.


I extracted the bacon from the bird. As soon as I put it down, there was a fight and it quickly disappeared. No pugilist instincts here…it was more serve dinner quickly to get everyone fed.


I wonder how much they actually make/raise. I know they sell Hudson Valley foie.


They don’t raise anything, they’ve built a network of small producers and slaughterhouses who follow their protocols. Whether they produce the bacon themselves or outsource production I don’t know.


robert, what a great article! Thanks so much for sharing.