Thanksgiving Cooking, Not Gonna Do It


If you buy a kosher turkey, it’s already brined, so all you have to do is stick it in the oven and roast it. I got a fresh kosher bird some years ago and it was one of the best non-heritage birds I’ve had.

We got a smoked turkey one year, it was great.


Thanks Robert, did you heat the bird up or is it ready to serve as is?


Tavern (cooked that morning, you pick it up by noon)
Daily Grill


I just saw that Wexler’s Deli is offering a Thanksgiving meal for delivery or pick-up in Santa Monica.


You could serve smoked turkey cold if you wanted to. I warmed it up.


@HolySchnikes I had it at a Friendsgiving a while back. My friend ordered it from

You have to heat it up so u fortunately there’s some “cooking” involved.


Honestly, Gelson’s turkeys are pretty darn good for a reasonable price, and the ordering and pick-up is super easy. My brother and I used it as our go-to when we had toddlers + alternating host duties. Never failed us. They have smoked and deep-fried turkeys, in addition to regular roasts.


I’ve ordered the turkey from Sam Woo before and was not impressed. Maybe another restaurant will deliver a juicier and more flavorful bird, but I thought it was just meh.

It’s very cheap though, $40 or so for a ~10 lb bird. With sticky rice dressing (not stuffed in cavity).


Awesome. I thought you were being funny, making a reference to the “Chinese Turkey” in the movie A Christmas Story.


I must try “tandoori turkey”.


I don’t want to put a damper on the smoked turkey suggestion - it seems to be the front runner. But here… My cousin gets a smoked and a roasted turkey every year. I try the smoked every time and every time I’m glad she also gets a roasted one. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the brand, but it always tastes too smokey and lighter fluid-y. Others seem to enjoy it, though. Then again I cannot imagine not having turkey sandwiches about 10 different ways over the following days and I don’t want ‘em all smoked (one maybe). Also, what about gravy? I’ve been tempted to get a deep fried turkey, but I’d still have to roast a chicken and buy innards to make gravy - I love me some gravy. I say go with the Gelsons, Bristol Farms, Whole Foods suggestions. But that’s just me. Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving? :blush:

P.S. Congrats on your your impending bundle of joy!


Gjusta catering does roasted turkey


Love me some Wexler’s, thanks for this.


Tbh I am more excited about leftovers.

Save leftover turkey bones/meat and make rice porridge or turkey-cranberry-mashed potato-gravy-stuffing sandwiches!!


For me, turkey is kinda like meatloaf - it’s the sandwiches.


Yessss, good call, didn’t even think about Gjusta. I better their turkey is killer. I see on their catering menu it’s deboned, I’ll give them ring and see if they’re doing a whole uncut turkey for the holiday, though I’m sure the deboned version is delicious and easier to transport.


Thanks TheCookie! You bring up a good point. I like the idea of a smoked turkey but in reality, I may be disappointed at the lack of a traditional roast turkey. In my 40+ Thanksgivings I don’t think I’ve ever had anything other than a roast turkey and the nostalgia factor is high for this holiday. I live in Woodland Hills and I have a Gelson’s, BF, and WF all within 5 minutes of me so all options are open. I do know one thing, I am getting a pie from Doan’s Bakery. Accidentally found them earlier this year, bought and devoured an apple pie and I’ve been fantasizing about that pie ever since. I love me some Urth Caffe pumpkin pie but I’m going to give Doan’s a try this year.


I love the idea of getting a Tavern turkey, but I just can’t get with the price point, $148. I’m sure it’s delicious. I’ll check out Erewhon and Gelson’s, a few votes for Gelson’s so far.


I’ve had some pretty bad smoked turkey in the last 2 years. But that Oklahoma Joe’s smoked turkey was special.


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