Thanksgiving Cooking, Not Gonna Do It


Hi @HolySchnikes -

I’m sure all 3 will do a very good turkey. I just remember my other cousin (lots of cousins) said WF was a good value. I looked it up and these offers look pretty good. You can upgrade to an organic bird or whatever.


Whole Meals

Cluck! Cluck! Gobble!


Whomp whomp. Pricing is actually crazy reasonable.


It’s only polite to have an alternate to smoked turkey. Two turkeys (one traditional, one not), plus a tofurkey, and everyone is happy. :turkey: :turkey::turkey:


It’s polite to decline a dinner invitation if you’re going to fuss about what your serve give you.

“Nobody cares what you won’t eat.”—Miss Manners


Hey Miss Manners -

This is a food board, right? We’re stating preferences. I didn’t read about the posters who said they go to people’s homes and “fuss” about what the host is serving.

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!


I just like to make people happy. Plus, I like Tofurkey!


Which is why you probably have friends.


I’m sad that have nothing to add here. There has never been a roast turkey that as bought that met my FTC level standards. My contribution to this thread therefore is limited to my bacon wrapped beauty.


That’s fantastic. You get a little of the smoke from the bacon without overpowering the meat. Plus the butter and fat probably makes the breast nice and moist. :yum:


“It’s only polite” took a sharp turn into etiquette.

There’s nothing impolite about not serving more than one turkey and it’s rude to suggest otherwise.


Okay, gotcha’.


I imagined it like this:



Very funny… Internally maybe, but I really was trying to play nice.


These are expensive but some good bbq places on the list.

I’m doing the Oklahoma Joe’s package with the 5+ lbs of meat.


I looked at your steps and they look simple enough. Couple of questions: Did you cover it at any point? What do think of skin on and bacon wrapped? I hate to part with the skin. Maybe just a few strips of bacon for flavor?

Anyone feel free to give opinions.

BTW, how’d it go @HolySchnikes?


Went with a Bristol Farms organic bird. Delicious however I didn’t realize they’d give it to me vacuum sealed and cold. Somehow I thought they’d bring it out all steamy and hot and ready fo go. Not sure where I got that idea. Broke the cold bird down once I got home and heated in a Pyrex baking dish and served. Will probably do it again next year.


I tried it with the skin back on and bacon during a trial run, but the skin never browned.


I would’ve thought that too. But the Pyrex thing sounds good. Did it come out moist?


Darn. Dilemma.


Funny thing. I saw Ina Garten do a show about a make ahead Thanksgiving where she cooked and carved the bird ahead of time. On the platter, she had a pool of gravy so when she reheated the bird, it would help with flavor and moisture. Would I cook the bird ahead of time? I’m not sure.