Thanksgiving Cooking, Not Gonna Do It


You eat turkey skin? Any seasoning salting that happens needs to go under the skin. You can reapply the skin later I suppose but bacon wont work. It bastes the turkey


I’ve never thought of reheating an already carved turkey but a couple of times I’ve reheated a sliced (boneless) pork shoulder in the slow cooker with the gravy underneath it and it worked quite well. I like this idea.


Do I eat turkey skin? I live for crispy chicken and turkey skin. Oh and my breast is still on the bone. I normally prefer breasts roasted on the bone, plus I don’t have a good deboning knife. Maybe this breast will be done the traditional way and I’ll do bacon at another time. But it looks so f-ing good! Dilemma!

You did answer my other question about where to salt and season the meat (under the skin). Is the salt and seasoning to brine and tenderize or just for flavor?



I’m not sure I would either, but I trust Ina and that seems like a very good idea. I’m loving her Make It Ahead cookbook. It answers that one party planning question: what can I make ahead?


i’ve never had good, crispy turkey skin. it’s too thick and chewy was my assumption

salting night before seasons it and forces meat to retain the moisture


Hmmm… okay, now I feel like experimenting with both!


Good one.


Another for the crisp turkey skin. My mom would kill me if we didn’t have a traditional turkey. I make the bacon wrapped for parties. It great on a buffet table.


Many years ago I was invited to a family’s Thanksgiving dinner. THEIR tradition is that as soon as it comes out of the oven, everyone runs over and starts pulling skin off :smile:




That’s nuts, but funny.


This was decades ago but I still remember my jaw dropping…before I jumped in :slight_smile:




What I have done after cooking a bird is removing the skin and cut it up into small pieces. Then put in fry pan with some oo and fry to make cracklings.


Definitely in the turkey skin eating camp you gotta pick and choose your pieces but sure is delicious.


I thought about cracklings! I think I figured out what I’m doing. Do the bacon wrapped skinless breast, and do the thighs with the skin on. What should we do with the cracklings? Eat them like potato chips? :blush:


I would remove the chicken skin from the thighs before cooking . Then cut up . Toss the cracklings next to the bird and enjoy like chips . It’s super hard trying to get crispy skin unless your frying the poultry pieces . I’m into cracklings when I cook poultry for crispy skin when not frying.


They’re bone-in, skin on turkey thighs. I bet that’s a double no from you on leaving the skin on. :wink:

…chicken is my favorite protein, so I’ve gotten pretty good at cooking it every way. You’re probably right, but I think I’ll take my chances with the turkey thighs. Here’s my recent chicken thigh dish.

This photo is after the sauce was spooned on. In the oven the fat rendered, skin bubbled with crispiness, not fried crispy, but very good. I keep them covered then remove foil the last 15-20 minutes and crank up the heat. I know turkey will be harder. Wish me luck.


I can ‘do’ B/S thighs but not the ‘original recipe.’ I just have this queasiness about them. Yours looks great but no :slight_smile: xoc


What’s that?