The 11-Course Retrospective Menu at Eleven Madison Park


As many of you know, Eleven Madison Park is closed for the summer for renovations. On June 8th, the night before they closed, we celebrated our 49th anniversary at EMP. Starting in April and until the restaurant shuttered, the menu was an 11-course retrospective of Chef Daniel Humm’s “greatest hits.” In my new blog post about that evening, the photos of the dishes I took on June 8th are accompanied by the first photos I took of these same dishes in the past. (Note: We have been EMP regulars since Chef Humm took over the kitchen, so I have an extensive archive on Flickr of our meals there.) Also included are comments Chef Humm made about these dishes on Instagram and elsewhere. I hope you’ll find the post interesting.

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Thank you sharing.

And Happy Anniversary. Can’t wait to see what you guys do for next year, for the big FIVE O.


You’re welcome! And thanks for the compliment and anniversary wishes!

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Awesome - thanks for the report! I wanted to go to this in late May but I hesitated about the whole TOCK thing, which I really don’t like. When I decided to make an exception, it was sold out. As a Californian who hasn’t been to EMP before, I would have liked to have the Retrospective Menu. I’m kind of surprised the Lavender Duck with Szechuan peppercorn wasn’t one of the dishes.


Brad, You’re Welcome! Glad you liked it! Re: the Lavender Duck. The post was very long(!), so I guess you missed the part where I said that there were three options for the main course, one of which included the duck. There was no way it would not be on a “greatest hits” menu since it is a Chef Humm signature and without a doubt his most famous dish. I also mentioned why we didn’t choose it as our main.

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Not sure how I missed that! These tired eyes…

Looking forward to your report from the Summer House.