The American Style BBQ thread


Yes. And it’s glorious :slight_smile:

Here’s their link.

Their chop salad is ridiculously good.




Damn, mine is 1:1 apple cider vinegar and water.

I am not even sure the vinegar adds any flavor, but I am fine with that. I just spritz so those edges don’t get too crusty.

@Ns1 is already hooked, since he is calling his BBQ escapades, “experimenting.” :joy:


I do the same with the spritz ; why not .With the pork I like to start with a little French’s mustard wet rub sometimes . Nothing fancy . Have fun .


Great thread! I have twice used J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s smoked chuck recipe,, first for 40 people, second for 15. Its fabulous. Brisket has always been my favorite, but this chuck is better - even than a perfect USDA Prime point. So moist and great flavor. I didn’t take pictures, but I will next time.
I used my Weber Smokey Mountain with mesquite charcoal and hickory chips. Kept temp between 225 and 275. Didn’t seem to matter that it got a little hot - which would have dried out brisket.


I wish he gave a final temp. Do you take it up to 203 like brisket?


I did, but some of it slid up to 210. However, chuck is so much more forgiving than brisket! Even my wife, not a big fan of smoke, loved it. Plus I didn’t have to trim all the extra fat off the whole briskets I have been getting at Costco (I have enough beef fat in my freezer for several years of burgers). It was a great experience!
Thanks again for starting the thread! I love American bbq (although if we include Santa Maria beef slow and low doesn’t quite work). Your ribs look great!!


The balsamic adds kind of a sweet glaze, and the soy and Worcestershire in those small amounts add a nice umami to the mix. I’m not even sure I’ve tried the balsamic on pork yet. I may have to try that.


Balsamic and Rosemary is classic with pork! My favorite marinade. You can add garlic, too. If you’re into that sort of thing.


I did baby backs yesterday. Two major changes…

I used Fogo charcoal (Amazon). Huge chunks, very dense, and great flavor. I’m a huge fan.

Instead of foil, I wrapped in butcher paper (thanks again, Amazon) with no noticeable difference in the results. I still want to try a non-wrap rack, but we had a group of eight over with some first-timers in the mix. My wife hyped the “event” so much that I didn’t want to mess with what’s been working.

And no, of course I didn’t take pics. Waaay too much wine, laughter, and dancing for that.

Anyone up for an FTC ribfest?


Ah man my last attempt was such a huge fail. My fire went out twice. I had to leave. I had to have my wife restart it. We finished it in the oven and it went over. Uggggggh.

Fuck brisket. I put this mother fucker on at 8am on a Sunday morning. I didn’t eat this until 8pm on Monday.


It looks delicious! How did it taste?

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t done a brisket on the BGE. Soon. Serious Eats has a recipe for smoked chuck that looks intriguing.


Salty and overdone. Too tender. Less rub and more supervision next time.

Also, screw the purists that say you need a whole packer. I just want the point

That smoked chuck recipe is on my to-do list


Yup, no need for the flat.


Boo! Sorry it didn’t go well.

Couldn’t agree more about the cut. Point is king. I like your style.


Count me in.




I can do that! I make excellent ribs.


+24hrs cooking time… not sure what your hourly billing rates are…


Barbecue is so temperamental . At least you tried . I have been circling doing a brisket for a while . The sun is out . It’s BBQ season .