The American Style BBQ thread


This is awesome result. I love the flavor of smoking meat.

How much did you get your smokin’ Text electric smoker?


It’s been over 10 years, so my memory’s a little hazy. I think it was around $500.


Every time there’s an update to this I think the OP forbidding ‘other’ types of BBQ is a loss. But s/he’s in charge, eh?


I mean you’re certainly welcome to start the NON-AMERICAN MEATS OVER FIRE thread.


Oh, you specified cooking type also, i.e., nothing in the oven. But, hey, it’s yours.


“RIBS IN THE OVEN” is a nice sounding name for a thread.


I thought “Asian” was verboten.


American BBQ is defined as low, slow, and smoke; all 3 rules were followed. It’s literally the 1st and 2nd sentence of the OP.


Just reread. And you’re right. Silly but right. Go in peace.


Did you guys ever do the rib fest? I’m down. I’m smoking again. :grinning:


What kind of smoker do you have?


a regular charcoal grill. I turn it into a smoker.


Could you elaborate on what you do please?


You put the charcoal on one side, the food on the other and you can use a water pan to control temp if you want and some say moisture. The food is not being cooked by the flame of the coals, but by the smoke.


We did not. Still a great idea, though.


Did someone say ribs?

Is there a function on this site where if a certain word is entered, you can get an alert?