The Apple Pan Has Changed Ownership


Per LAist:

I was concerned when I first learned of this. But, according to the LAist article, the new owners will keep the day-to-day operations the same (as this was a condition of the sale). Also, the new owners do not own the land (the old owners still own that); just the brand and the restaurant that sits on the land has changed hands.



Good. Hope he stays the same forever.

What is LA FTC favorite here?

Steak or Hickory?


Close call, but me gusta steak mejor.


Looks like Eater LA and @matthewkang is on it. Per his Twitter, he’s known for weeks and has an exclusive with the new owners.


Hickory + grilled onions for me.

Every once in a while I’ll do a steak burger and have zero regrets.

Every once in a long while I’ll do something different, like a tuna melt, feel mild regret due to opportunity cost, then order a slice of boysenberry cream pie and feel all better.

Discussions of “ranking” Apple Pan are foolishness. Apple Pan is beyond ranking. Thinking of that burger as better than or worse than ___________ misses the point. The Apple Pan burger is.


Tuna melt.


Double Hickory, Fries and Banana Cream Pie


First started out with steak, but now I’m hickory all the way, none of that steak nonsense.

I have seen a lot of people get the tuna but never had the want or the guts to stray away from the burgs.


Yep, full story tomorrow morning, stay tuned. Had a great chat today with Shelli.


Here’s some more back story as promised:


I’ve never understood they hype around Apple Pan at all… except their banana cream pie. That thing is a work of art


I like the egg salad sandwich with a black mission olive speared to the top, and the coffee in a paper cone with real cream.


Expansion to new locations and a food truck? Does that ever go well?


The truck could be good for catering and special events. The additional locations: could you imagine an Apple Pan in Highland Park…or Studio City/Sherman Oaks?


Truth be told, no, b/c I assume Highland Park probably has their own version of an Apple Pan that prob just isn’t as famous? I could more easily see one in Studio City, though (or maybe North Hollywood?).

Having a truck that’s JUST used for catering and special events would be a good addition, though.

Sometimes more is more, and sometimes it’s just dilution.

But, again, I’m not a huge Apple Pan fan, so… ::shrug::


Could you imagine a Musso and Frank in Culver City? Marina Del Rey? Sherman Oaks?
Yeah. Me neither.
I adore The Pan. You don’t franchise The Pan.


I could imagine a Musso & Frank in Sherman Oaks actually, or even Downtown.

I could imagine an Apple Pan in Historic Core in Downtown as well, or maybe like Downtown Santa Ana. Anywhere with old buildings that have a classic look. Why not? It wouldn’t be a franchise, I think it’d be owner-operated expansions. I don’t know, I always thought someone would eventually take the magic of Apple Pan and see if works elsewhere. I’m not going to judge someone for trying to build their business.


I love the apple pan, just not the prices. For those prices the burger and fries aren’t worth it.


Musso and Franks is Old Hollywood anywhere would not work!!!


Apple Pan is a travesty of QPR - I just don’t get the love. Those prices are unconscionable and the burgers mediocre. Can’t speak to the banana cream. Who pays $9.50 for a slice of pie?