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I like - not love - oysters, (and rarely enjoy any as much as those I have in Louisiana) so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is the shell thickness relevant to judging oysters?


The colder the water, the thicker the shell, and the better the oyster. Oysters like cold water.


There was a discussion on CH some years ago about how if the water is too warm Gulf oysters can make one quite ill.




The new space is great. The pizzas are great. You’re great. Your mom is great.


cheddar broccoli


semifreddo pie (strawberry custard / cornmeal crust & crumbles)


Westside, yo. :sunglasses:




Now we’re talkin’!


Let me try this again!

LA’S fastest bang bang


Artelice and Balconi?


Okay, thank you. My niece said pretty much the same thing about it. When I asked her how she liked the Big Mec she said in her tiny voice “Not really. There was too much going ahhn.” But she’s not to be trusted. I onced asked her if she liked eggs and she said “I don’t knooow.” :confused:. Curious. What makes it too heavy?


You are correct sir! Can I say that I really enjoy Balconi. That Macciato was on point.


As a fan of the Big Mec, but not an often eater of it, everything about it other than the airy brioche bun is heavy. The patties (which I love personally) are not huge, but definitely larger than an average fast food type burger, and are seared rare, there seems to be quite a bit of beef to contend with on the double burger just to kick things off, lots of “juices” flow from the patties, which are actually literally chopped steak (bifteck hache) as opposed to ground beef.

Those fatty juices meld with two rather intense sauces, a foie gras red wine bordelaise that is quite luxuriously thick and fatty (though it has some cut from the almost balsamic notes thanks to the red wine, but given its reduction status it’s almost adding more of a sweetness on top of the foie gras plus the bone marrow, shallots, and butter common to the sauce). Then there is also something like caramelized onions interpreted as a viscous reduction of French Onion soup. A hefty smear of garlic aioli , and two slices of melty, thick, funky American cheese that get melted into goo by the chopped steak juices.

The burger is sort of an onslaught of richness…there are effectively THREE rich sauces (bordelaise, aioli, and reduction), plus a good amount of gooey cheese layering two juicy steak patties…

It’s QUITE an experience. I could see how it would be too much for many people. For me, I found that it’s really messy and intense, and the flavors do somewhat congeal, but, for me, into the sort of ephemeral magic that Carl’s Jr. commercials promise in a burger eating experience (but never deliver).


That’s why it’s too heavy.

At certain points in the eating process, the Big Mec is less burger, and more bœuf bourguignon.


Oh boy. You rolled that one out effortlessly. You could get paid for that one. And the Carl’s Jr reference! Clever.


[quote=“ipsedixit, post:238, topic:4560”]
At certain points in the eating process, the Big Mec is less burger, and more bœuf bourguignon.
[/quote]You guys are on a roll. You never know what’s going to come from a question. Sometimes they don’t get answered at all. Good stuff!


I didn’t enjoy the Big Mec. The balsamic flavor was overwhelming to me; the whole thing was far too rich for my tastes.


Shake Shack/Philz Coffee/Sprinkles bang^3. $13 or so for a coffee, sandwich, and parking.

Not pictured: sprinkles red velvet


pardon my dumbitude, but what is that beverage, please?
some kinda iced coffee with mint?



Yes. Mint mojito iced coffee.


So are they putting sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint into your coffee?

I assume there is no white rum lol or is there???