The Bang Bang Thread


Yeah they had a sign advertising the new location.

My go to item is their chicken shawarma pita with chili hummus, garlic sauce (oil based), green cabbage, salad mix, pickles with tahini on top.

Side of eggplant and french fries, and olives and pickles too.

The plate is too much food unless you share with two people. Get the shawarma. The other items are good but the shawarma is amazing.

Note: they are closed for 9 or so days for Passover and closed every Saturday. I believe they are closed from the 10th - 18th but not 100% sure.


duly noted, will check it out after the 18th.




great looking shawarma


supposedly according to the notes above. I’m not at work so I can avoid the latter part of “trust but verify”.

Did my usual Shake Shack / Philz Coffee bang bang today. $12 never tasted so good. Might have to do a Shake Shack / InO bang bang next time.


hahaha - I actually missed that, so I was asking if you if you had converted and were Keeping Kosher.


Top notch, highly recommend

Recommend dipping the fries in spicy hummus too.


Triple banged it today

  • Connie and Ted’s - happy hour - oysters, calamari, scallop dog, fries. Wow those fries were tasty. HH great value
  • Raku - tofu, chawanmushi, sashimi, tsukune, bacon/tomato, pork cheek, unholy matrimony of slime. Chawanmushi still tops
  • wanderlust creamery - Japanese Neapolitan - black sesame/matcha/hojicha green tea. Amazing.


OMG. That is what my dreams are made of. Is this a regular flavor for them?



Nope. First time I’ve seen it. Maybe they have it at their new location which would be much closer to you


There are certain kinds of days that bleed into nights that call for triple bangs.

Though I posted it in another thread, that day was kicked off at Taqueria Los Anaya for me, which exemplary chilaquiles, crowned the best in LA for now:

I mean, just look at those perfectly sauced tortillas and that glistening, crispy adobada and you can see how these might kick off a night that could be considered by many to be a touch “off the rails”:

Do it double right with the impecably crispy and fluffy masa of a sope, just beans #don’tneednothin’butbeans

Perhaps you find yourself privy to a performance of Beethoven’s 3rd Violin Sonata by a couple of virtuosos on a stop off from their tour through the palaces of music such as Disney Hall, instead opting for the intimacy of the back of a wine and beer bar/coffee shop/restaurant/performance space:

Perhaps the new flights of beer from a nicely curated local beer list appeal to your fancy after the majesty of Beethoven’s music has completely overwhelmed your psyche. A cadre of a bright, acidic, and intense red ale from Modern Times (they give you the tail end of a Lomaland Saison but can’t fill the cup, a lovely gesture on their part), a beautifully complex IPA from Lost Abbey, and a complex and boozy Russian Imperial Stout from Mission tantalize the tastebuds alongside the ferociously sublime music, and the night begins a kind of slow dissolve; suddenly a cigarette holds a certain appeal.

The night closes at the cafe, the cigarette smoked, the car has arrived, and you direct it to Shibumi hoping that something magical might find its way into your stomach. Alas…despite a significant celebrity appearance at the place, the kitchen has closed early. However, the idea of a negroni seems grand, and indeed, the bartender mixes up one of the most contemplative takes on the classic cocktail you’ve had in quite a while.

You gab with your fellow diners as the crew puts on a bit of Coltrane to smooth out the night. You’re poured a cold sake in a stone cylinder without asking for it; the bartender knows what you like.

Well past closing time, you decide to try out the oddball buckwheat sochu on the menu.

Finally, you need another cigarette, and a burger. The driver turns on KUSC, there’s some Brahms on, lilting and moody, the perfect tune to cut crosstown to Everson Royce. You order a burger without glancing at the menu and sit down amongst the small throng of degenerates drinking hard alcohol on a Wednesday night at midnight.

The burger is perfect for the path of distilled spirits you’ve embarked upon; the flavors of charcoal and beef replicating Beethoven’s harmonies on the piano and violin from earlier in the evening. The bartender pours you a large glass of dry, sour beer which you gulp down mirthfully.

But how can one stop there? It’s about this time that you imagine drinking mezcal would be a grand idea. The bartender indulges your fancy and shakes the hell out of a drink of mezcal and pineapple juice to produce an exquistely smoky froth to fuel your dastardly dreams.

Your head is spinning a bit; the thump of Tupac on the stereo feels like ecstatic magic, though. The lights flash on, and your check comes, but you sheepishly ask if you might have a final tequila and modelo before you head out into the cold night; the driver can wait for you after all.

For $8, it’s a grand tequila, spicy and a bit buttery; by now the modelo acts as more refreshing version of water; you find yourself wishing you could carry the can into the car, but alas, our draconian society forbids such pleasantries.

On the way home you pass by a diner and have the diner leave you off. A shake filled with peanut butter, overflowing over the icy cup comforts the spirit in a bizarre fashion.

You order a club sandwich because it feels right; you devour the hot, perfectly crisp cylinders of potato, even deviantly dipped them into your decadently thick vase of peanut butter and ice cream. You make it part of the way through the sandwich before the fattiness of the bacon forces you to concede the night to the tremendous amount of peanut butter stopping the entry of much else into your stomach.

The palid yellow lighting has moulded you into the chair; Cindy Lauper reminds you that girl’s primary desire in life is to have fun, and you become acutely aware that perhaps you have had enough of that for the night.

You call the final car with the rest of a club sandwich in hand; smoke the final cigarette at 4 AM; the driver puts on Miles Davis; you pass out and wake up still wearing your shoes and smelling of buckwheat and smoke, but thinking of the beauty of degeneracy.


Is this kevin-ish? lol

ETA: OMG, this IS that kevin of whom y’all speak, isn’t it? Double LOL.


Which Kevin? Perhaps so. I’m fairly high on oxy and sake at the moment, so I’m at least half-way to somewhere :smiley:


Brilliant post.
Haven’t read so much douche bag debauchery since the 80’s. The Jay McInerney of FTC is (perhaps) alive. But not well. No, not at all, well.


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is this a thing with the young people?
in my day – did i have a day? – it was percodan and scotch.


In the mercado Paloma went to holbox, chichen itza (got a lechon taco not pictured). Holbox has been covered extensively so I won’t go into details. But if you haven’t gone be sure to go.

The menudo from the taco store (don’t recall name), they are a pastor specialist next to chichen itza, was delicious. Very flavorful and the tripas had a mild but very pleasant gamey flavor (not over powering) and were cooked very well slight chew but super tender. The soup itself had a deep flavor with a slight amount of heat. It came with some of the best homemade corn tortillas I’ve ever had, fluffy and slightly charred and just the right amount of chew. They gave me a charred tomatillo romo salsa that was had amazing flavor to add with my spoonfuls of soup. Some of the best menudo I’ve ever had!


Nah, I’m a trendsetter :slight_smile:


I hear you. But I think the two steering this ship feel we are all adults and can sort out most things between ourselves, like we are now. I appreciate that.

I personally found the statement in question adolescent on one hand. But I also can’t deny that it kinda took me back to my adolescent days as well. Shit - who am I kidding? I’m still immature - just not as much so, as I now I can own up to it.


@Aesthete: Good god that was a cringey self-important post.

Hell, this isn’t even a Bang Bang.

Study up, man.