The Bang Bang Thread



I have done a bang bang while sick with the stomach flu/peeing out of my butt.

Crackers in Bed.
Gatorade On The Toilet.


Feelin’ for you - hope you’re well soon. Your posts are gold from mines.


I know. Sometimes I find myself trying things and going places because of a FTC discussion or rec. Things I would never have done in my former life. So far, no real troubles, but still…


Stay healthy, you holiday weekend bang bangers.


Everything tasted fresh to me but the QPR is low. The service is still lacking with a holier than thou attitude, I felt like i was at beijing pie house in the sgv.


#The Smorgasburg Bang Bang

#TJ’s Tacos
Vietnamese tacos. These were okay, I thought these would be like a banh mi in taco form but they weren’t. My favorites were the chicken and beef.

marinated beef, cilantro, onion salsa, creamy hot sauce

marinated chicken, cucumber, pickled vegetables, shiso leaf, Asian BBQ sauce

shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, mint, anchovy-pineapple sauce

#Mama Musubi

unagi musubi - broiled freshwater eel, daikon, Japanese BBQ glaze
spam musubi - pan grilled spam drizzled with sweet soy glaze
Both were solid, not too sweet, and slightly crisped nori.

45 minutes of my life and $22 wasted. Instagram gimmick that belongs in the 9th circle of hell with the likes of raindrop cake, and ramen burger. The top of the dumplings were inedible and was like eating dried out Play-Doh. The bulgogi was sickly sweet, the shrimp was pretty non-existent, pork was forgettable. Avoid. #whitedumplingsmatter

spicy pork and kimchi - pork, grilled onions, spicy gochujang marinade, grilled kimchi, sweet potato noodle, green onions, red beet pocket

shrimp and garlic - shrimp, roasted garlic, grilled onions, house herb seasoning blend, sweet potato noodle, green onion, carrot pocket

beef bulgogi - Angus Beef, house bulgogi marinade, sweet potato noodle, bean sprouts, green onions, purple cabbage pocket

#Nomad Truck

Soft Serve - milk and honey with honey-oat shortbread, milk meringue and brittle
Still the best thing on the menu


Thanks for the warning @PorkyBelly. I still need to make it out to the Nomad Truck. :slight_smile:


That chicken burger is pretty amazing. I think I had a Bahn mi chicken burger last time a couple weeks back. Really really good. Will have to try the soft serve


That chicken burger has some nice culinary finessing with the distinct flavors going on.


Is this the Nomad Truck you all are talking about? I have to admit I avoided their chicken burger because it looks kinda blah in pics. Another reminder not to judge a book by its cover?


The chicken patty itself is really juicy, flavorful and holds together well. Nomad usually has a guest chef do the burger toppings


[quote=“Bigmouth, post:407, topic:4560”]
Is this the Nomad Truck you all are talking about?
[/quote]I was scrolling down to ask the same thing. I like chicken burgers, but hardly ever see them on menus. It’s always ground turkey, which I don’t like.



I certainly enjoyed it. Had it during the “burger” themed Smorgasburg weeks back. The chicken burger had truffle aioli and fried chicken skin. Even the fries had a finesse to them, the lemon and rosemary was very apparent yet not overwhelming. I am no fan of shoestring fries, but these were nice.

My only gripe is the size, but that is the trend at Smorgasburg these days.


It is on the smaller size but that just leave more stomach real estate for the pork belly roti


Correct… smaller is probably better at Smorgasburg. So you can eat lots of stuff. Hopefully the price is smaller too.


Spoken like a true FTCer.

You can literally order Ugly Drum pastrami while waiting for your chicken burger to be expertly crafted.


Still searching for the uterus


keep trying


Y’all, I’m still on cloud 11 after today’s lunch Bang Bang. I took the day off and will never go back to work now that I know what life is like on the other side.